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Synthesis Essay Day 2: Beginning and Argument

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Christina Wenger

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Synthesis Essay Day 2: Beginning and Argument

Step 1: List claims (not facts) you can make on all sides of the argument's spectrum.
Don't just list the claims you believe. Instead, list all claims one could make about your topic.
Synthesis Essay Day 2: Beginning an Argument
Step 2: List the claims YOU believe and want to make in your argument.
As you list them, start thinking about how they relate to each other and which order would make sense. Consider what other people think about your claims, too.
Step 3: Put those claims together and try creating a thesis with them. I suggest writing multiple versions of your thesis.
For example:
In order to benefit both the economy and international relations, the country should further develop the national space program, but do so carefully in order to protect space's "wilderness."

Developing the nation's space exploration funding will benefit both the economy and our relationships with other countries; however, the nation must be careful to protect space while exploring it.
Let's stop and reflect on our work.
What did you just do?
How did you do it?
What questions do you have?
Today, we'll map out an argument and build a rough thesis.
Now that you've read your texts, you should have a much better idea of what you think about your topic. Hopefully, your ideas are more complex and nuanced than your initial gut response to the prompt. Let's figure out how to de-tangle our thoughts and turn them into a strong essay outline.
Space exploration is good for the economy.
Space exploration moves the world towards peace by building international ties.
Space exploration should be a bigger part of government funding.
Space exploration should be a smaller part of government funding.
Health care is more important than space exploration.
We need to protect space from potential infection by explorers.
We need to protect space's natural status by practicing stewardship as we do of nature preserves.
For example:
For example
We should expand the space exploration program because it benefits the economy.
The benefit in the economy will generate more income, benefitting all parts of the national government.
We should expand our space exploration program because it benefits world peace.
However, when we do expand, we should do so carefully, protecting space from what dangers we could bring to it.
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