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Learning how to use Prezi

Patrick Hsu

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of MIS

Ok, so here i am learning how to use Prezi But what do i do? How do i go about doing it? First thing's first: I need to set a theme. Ah, here's a theme: how to use prezi for my MIS project book! Ok. first thing's first...
how do i make this look better?
If i click on the Colors and Fonts option, it'll only let me change the entire template of the presentation. But i only want to change the font... What happens when i click on frame? Alright. if i click on title underneath the textbox,
it lets me change the style of the font. now we're
getting somewhere Ah. it lets me make interesting
shapes to encompass my text.
This could be useful... By changing the colors,
i can drastically change
the style of my presentation...neat. But for the sake of business,
how do i make this look more
professional? Aha. This is interesting. By clicking on the frame itself,
I am able to adjust the size and orientation of my frames. Furthermore, I can use the same functionality
to change the size and orientation of my text. so in other words, i can
orient my text like this. cool. I can also use bullet points. Let's
give it a shot.

Prezi is a presentation tool
Unlike Powerpoint, it gives users a range of freedom to design their presentations
The application is free. Woohoo.
It's much more innovative than powerpoint is. It's more likely to grasp the attention of my viewer.

There's also the concern of whether this is professional
enough for the business world.
But i think one must also consider that just because it's professional doesn't mean it must be plain and bland. In fact, this is probably more effective than
most other presentation tools. The more interesting
the presentation is, the more attentive your viewers will be. Ok. Let's try adding in images.
Click on Insert...load file...
AHA! It works! Look at that stud. so is this better than powerpoint? No. Not necessarily. I think in the end, it depends on the user's preference. Some like the straightforwardness and simplicity provided by Powerpoint. Others like the style and attitude of Prezi. One isn't necessarily better than the other. But it doesn't mean that Prezi can't be fully utilized in the business world. Seems to me like most bankers would probably be more interested in watching a presentation about their next big acquisition on Prezi than on Powerpoint. Also, in the end, how well the presentation isn't done isn't up to the presentation software but the capabilities of the presenter. You could be using a plain old blackboard for your presentation and it would captivate a greater crowd than any presentation software could if the presenter really knew what he or she was talking about. Still. Playing around with Prezi is fun though. there's a lot of potential here to be found. More people should start using this application. -Cheers
Patrick Hsu
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