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Global Climate Change

Online Assignment #2

Social Studies, Group 1

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change Although climate change isn't new,the study of how human activity affects the earth's climate is. the exploration of climate change encompasses many fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, meteorology, oceanography and even sociology. What is the World Doing about Global Climate Change? All major governments, the military and big private companies are becoming much more efficient.The U.S. has actually established its CO2 emissions and we are actually 5% more efficient. Global CO2 emissions were actually down in 2009 by 1.3%, but they say that is mostly due to the recession. We're doing a much better job. Rising Sea Levels Rising sea levels are the gradual rising of Earth's oceans. Our oceans have been rising quite quickly over the years, we hit the highest recorded level in the 1950s. More info at:
http://climate.nasa.gov/key_indicators/ http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110116090448AAktvP5 Information at: Vertical Farming Definition : A tall building, such as a skyscraper, where plants or animals are cultivated for commercial purposes. Now the UK is following the US in investigating in charging points.People will buy more electric cars and depend less on petrol.165
charging points around the country will use direct current to charge cars in less than 30 minuts.approval of back loading puts troubled system back on track. Carbon Emissions Ice Core Dating The four district methods for determining the ages of ice cores.The first 3 are direct experimental and the 4 rests are somewhat uncertain theories .The basics of this method lies with looking for items that vary with the seasons in a consistent manner. The major disadvantages of this dating technique is that isotopes tend to diffuse as time goes on. Online Assigment#2 Global Climate Change
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