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New Visions

No description

Awesome_Sauce Erterwerterwert

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of New Visions

The Sun's core is not solid ,
but the moon and Earth have solid
cores. The Earth and Sun have
atmospheres, but the moon doesnt.
The Sun's atmosphere is very different
from Earth though. Unlike the Earth and moon,
the Sun provides heat and energy.

New Visions
By: Arnav, Akshat, Zach, and Rahul
The Earth is covered
with 70% water and 30% land.
It has 4 parts. The core, mantle, innercore, and
crust. It also has an atmosphere.
Climate and Weather
The Sun contains heat,gas,and energy.
It's core can reach to about 27 million
fahrenheit. The sun is a middle sized star,
but not the biggest. The only reason we
see the Sun as a big star is because the
other stars are further away.

Comparing the Sun

The Effects the

, and
Have on Each Other
Without the Sun, Earth would have no life.
For example, plants would not get the energy they
need to grow without the Sun, without plants there would be no animals, and without animals there would be no people. Moon's gravity and the Sun's gravity cause tides on Earth too. Also, the Sun's gravity keeps Earth in orbit.
Solar Eclipse
A solar eclipse is when the moon is
blocking the Sun from shining on the Earth
Weather is the day to day state of the atmosphere.Climate ,however is the pattern of weather of a place in along period of time (often 30 years). It is usally reffered to average temperture and pecipitation.Weather is caused by the uneven heat in the air, which then makes temperture differencees.The tempature differences cause the atmosphere to realse air currents(air).This air is caused by air masses.When air masses join, they make a boundry called an air front. There are 3 types of fronts: cold, stationary and warm.A cold front is when a mass of cold air runs into a mass of hot air and the hot air rises and condenses.A stationary front happens when a mass of warm air and cold air meet but dont move.It usually takes several days for it to move.It has the same temperature as a warm front.A warm front happens when warm and cool air run into each other. Then warm air rises, cools and condenses forming drizziling clouds. Climate is mainly caused by the rotation of the Earth. It virtually is basiclly at the same place in the solar system until the seasonns change and the Earth tilts in a different direction.
Lunar Eclipse
A lunar eclipse appears
when the Earth is between
the moon and the Sun.

The sun provides enough heat for evaporation and the ocean provides the water for animals.

The Moon
The moon contains
lunar landforms.
In the lunar landforms there are craters,
highlands, maria, volcanic domes,
ray craters, and rilles.
Rays are made from molten rock and
rilles are lunar valleys.
Clouds form when water vapor collects dust particles and is about to condense
Tides are the result of the Moon's gravity on the Earth.

There are to main types of tides:
Neap Tide- all sides of Earth are almost have the same level of water.

Spring Tide- One parallel side of Earth has high tide while the other has low tide.
How The Sun and Ocean interact with the Water Cycle
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