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PR for RA

No description

Jen Downing

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of PR for RA

Readers' Advisory
Think outside the box (or in this case, circle!
Staff Training
So many staff, so little time - Be creative!
Community Partnerships
PR for RA
Passive Ways to Promote Collections
More Display Ideas
Banned Books Week
Author Cards
If you like.... post-its
Staff Picks
Social Media
Allow for RA at Staff Meetings
Online Courses
Share Staff Expertise
What do you do to promote
at your libraries?

"RA Days"- Simple for book recommendations.
Facebook Book Groups
- No assigned title, just talk about what you've read!
Goodreads can be a "staff picks" resource. Easy to maintain.
Pinterest can be used to curate reading lists.
Online Staff Picks
Promoted on facebook
and pinterest
Posted to WPL website each Tuesday and Friday
Terrific way to inject your own personality into RA services!
Reader's Corner also shared on tiffinohio.org
Helpful Web Sites/Apps
meet your users where they are!
Quick Picks book bundles
For kids and adults!
Showcase their favorites!
Enable your patrons to share their picks!
Community Events
Partnership between T-SPL, Heidelberg University, Bailiwicks Coffee Company, Ritz Theater

"Myths of Frankenstein"
"Frankenstein in Pop Culture"
General book discussion
Showing of several film versions
One simple gesture can lead to years of good PR...
Personalized Reading Lists
Wrapped Book Displays
Even MORE Ideas!
"Yeah, but who has the time for that?
By definition:

Blind Date With A Book
Reads Under Wraps
Fun for all ages!
Great task for volunteers !
You don't have to have special post-its printed up to try this!
Great for passively recommending titles to patrons who might not otherwise want to ask
Works for Kids, Teens or Adults!
More math!
Quirky, debut novels

Additional PR through Rumbleseat email list and Facebook page
Coffee By the Book
Common Read event
eBook Promotion
Facebook RA Promotion
We promote each book group, event, display, and more at these events.

Reach those not coming into the library.
Also available online at http://www.wclibrary.info/personalized_ra/request.asp
Great for public and staff training!
Jen Downing
- Outreach Services Librarian, Upper Arlington Public Library

Chris May
- Head of Adult Services, Tiffin Seneca Public Library

Create an enticing display
Sample "Powerwall" Topics:
Sample Powerwall Sticker
First number denotes topic
As Heard on NPR
Armchair Travel
New & Notable Nonfiction
Online Lists
Don't rely only on the pre-made lists

Video games- http://library.booksite.com/7325/nl/?list=CNL1

Book Groups- http://library.booksite.com/7325/nl/?list=CNL17
Wait! We Don't Have Enough Space!!!
Don't you dare tell me that...
Readers’ advisory service…is a patron-centered library service for adult leisure readers. A successful readers’ advisory service is one in which knowledgeable, nonjudgmental staff help fiction and nonfiction readers with their leisure reading needs.

Saricks, Joyce G., Readers' Advisory Service in the Public Library (Chicago: ALA 2005)

For Kids & Teens
For Adults
Be creative!
Helpful to staff & patrons
Include CDs, DVDs & audiobooks
The West
As Seen Onscreen
Not Just for Teens
If you like… The Hunger Games AND Harry Potter stuck on Lisa McMann’s The Unwanteds. (specific title)

If you like… scary stories stuck on a Stephen King book. (subject/genre)

If you like… Stieg Larsson stuck on a Henning Mankell book. (specific author)

Booktalking is fundamental
New and Improved!
both in print and online
Full transcript