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Homeless Bird

No description

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Homeless Bird

so what are five major settings?
One of the five major places is Vrindavan.
8 Major Characters
Sass is one of the main charters because she is Kolys new mom and also tricks Koly later on in the book.
Sassur is also a main charter because he teavhes Koly how to read.
Chandra is also because she is one one of kolys best friends.
Hari is one because he got married to Koly.
Koly ia a young girl that is forced to marry someone when she is 13.
Mr.Das is Kolys boss when she is making saris.
Raji is Kolys last hussband.
Mrs.Devi is who they call the srwe.
three major problems
Hari dies soon after he gets married to Koly and hes funerl us held at the Ganges River.
sassur dies after Hari dies and Chandra gets married sassur dies and Koly is left with sass to live with.
Koly is left in Vrindavan sass leaves Koly in vrindavan. This is also the place were Koly grows up to a mutre teenager and gets married.
Homeless Bird
By:David Wall
Homeless Bird is story about a 13 year old girl in India that gets married to some one her age, but her husband is also very ill with a rare illness.
One of the other places is Mala's house.
Another place is Sass and Saussure house.
One of the last places is Kolys house.
And the last place is the Ganges River.

What is the theme of the Homeless Bird.
I think that the theme of the book is Good things happen to pepole that wait. Why? Because At the begaing of the book Koly was forced to get married. Then Kolys husband Hari dies. Then Kolys sassur dies and she is left with only sass to live with. Then sass leaves Koly in vrendavan. After wondering around she is lead to a widows house. After this Koly gets a jobe making mary golds. She then gets a job making saris and soon ater she gets married.
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