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The KKK in the 1930's in Alabama

No description

Isaac Ray

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The KKK in the 1930's in Alabama

The KKK in 1930's in Alabama The KKK, or the Ku Klux Klan, is a racist group that hates Jews, blacks, liberals and any immigrants. They were very violent white people. The KKK wore white robes with white pointed hats, and they burned crosses at night time. Also they went out at night to injure or kill anyone other than white people that were not jewish. The population of the KKK in Alabama in the 1920's was around 115,000 people, but in the 1930's, the population dropped to around 5,000 members across the state. The reason for the decline in members is because of the arrest of D.C. Stephenson. He was a major leader of the KKK and he was arrested in Indiana for murder in 1926. The decline in members led to the KKK traveling in smaller, more militant groups in Alabama. Some people that were involved in the KKK quit the group and started to fight back against them. Few earned rewards for trying to stop the KKK. Normally people in the KKK were not arrested during the time because they would blame their crimes on black people and the judges would make any white people innocent most of the time. The KKK lost a lot of political power and faded away in the 1930's, but they remained with a low amount of members in the group.
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