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Final Group 11

No description

will vasquez

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Final Group 11

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan 5 time MVP
10 time scoring champ
14 time NBA All Star
6 time NBA finals MVP

Hall of Fame 2009 Group 11 Elliot Tousley : History
Jullian Turner : Product
Mike Vittorioso : Price
Ugo Uche : Place
Willy Vasquez : Promotion Nike signed Michael Jordan in 1984
Nike designed the first Jordans
Michael Jordan wore the shoes to every game
League banned the shoes - $5,000 Fine every game
Nike pay fines First Jordan Release to consumers 1985 first Jordans are released

People lined up to buy them

Premium priced Michael Jordan's dunk A year after Michael Jordan did this... New Logo New "Air Jordan" logo
All Jordans designed with new logo Other Facts 1997 Jordan becomes its own sub-brand under Nike
Nike logo not longer on Jordan products
Jordan has 11% total shoe market in the U.S.
Over 1 billion in revenue
3/4 of every basketball shoe is Jordan brand
86% of all basketball shoes over $100 are Jordan "Quality inspired by the greatest player ever" Where to buy Online Stores Product Julian Turner Mike Vittorioso Price Place Ugo Uche Promotion Willy Vasquez Place Supply Chain Transparency Product Basketball shoes Baseball cleats Football cleats Sandals Socks Duffle bags Hats Lifestyle Clothing Jordan Convenience product: customers just buy them Breadth Depth Shoes
Athletic wear
Lifestyle Clothing Jordan Retro
Jordan Flight
Jordan Team
Cleats Packaging Product Life Cycle Price Basketball shoes $105 - $250
Most expensive: Jordan 28 Retailers Second hand sales Ebay.com Amazon.com $300 - $15000 First Jordan: $65 Sales $800 millions in 2007 Jordan XI highest selling Pricing Internal Factor
Limited quantity
Limited colors External Factors
Control demand
Highest prices Pricing Strategy
Luxury item
Pay for name, Brand, not the shoe itself Elliot Tousley History Competition Jordan inspired by Michael Jordan Shoes Sales doubled since Jordan's retirement 89% from 2011 to 2012 International manufacturing Promotion Inform - persuade - remind Supply and demand
Value creates demand
Demand creates supply
Controlled supply creates scarcity
Scarcity creates value First Commercial Sale Promotion - Advertising Promotion:
Integrated Marketing Communications Sale Promotion Product Placement
Sponsorship Product Placement Like Mike Sponsorship Advertising Hare Jordan with Air Jordan Storing and Display UPC to keep track of each pair Store rack Location Excellence Pull Strategy Banned Jordan Pull strategy with control demand Fresh Prince of Bell Air Music Videos Advertising Advertizing Advertizing Sources
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