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Go Boldly Beyond

No description

Molly Birney

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Go Boldly Beyond

Go Boldly Beyond Are There Negatives? Other's Ideas Arts Integration: Jonathan Roux Is an approach to teaching
in which students construct
and demonstrate understanding
through an art form. Students
engage in a creative process which
connects an art form and another
subject area and meets
evolving objectives in both.
-The Kennedy Center "As a teacher, the arts integrated lessons
encourages me to explore." "When I introduced this last year to my students, they immediately gravitated toward it. Not only have I seen improvement in their academics, but they are also more confident, they are risk takers, and they love the arts." Betsy Walter By: Molly Birney Can They All become one? What is art? What is music? What is math? History? Dance? Is it not? How can we incorporate the
arts in core subjects? "We need to personalize education, not standardize it. On the base that we are all different." -Sir Ken Robinson *Lesson plans such as the ones found on the website below are examples of how to incorporate an arts lesson into a core subject lesson. http://educationcloset.com/arts-integration-lesson-plans/ Attending school in my kitchen left a
large gap when trying to incorporate arts integrated lessons in my education. For instance, when learning about parts of speech, my only resource was an English textbook. Having access to the lesson plan
"Adjective Monster" from TE 491 would have allowed for many more opportunities to understand those language concepts. The lack of arts integrated lessons in my schooling has made me appreciate the extreme potential every lesson plan can have.
Art In Many Forms: To many, when they think of different art forms, they may think of drawing a picture, or sculpting clay. Few understand that the arts include singing, dancing, technology, and theater.
Elementary school exposed me to the historical era of the Underground Railroad starring Harriet Tubman as the main character. Attending a hands-on exhibit gave
me confidence in understanding concepts of the lesson I would have otherwise lacked.

Cont....... How was the exhibit arts integrated? The moment we stepped into the exhibit, the actors greeted us with, "Be quiet! We need to leave quickly
before they can catch us!" From then on the
experience was brought to life through
acting while also feeling as though we were
apart of the Underground Railroad. What do
think about
lessons? Bates Middle School:
A Schools' Change for the Better If arts integration lessons are so good, why aren't all schools implementing them?
To every side of a story there are positives and negatives, or should we say easy aspects and challenges. It is the same with arts integrated lessons. Fears About Yourself Pretending: 6 Bayles and Orland from Art and Fear "Fear that you are not a real
artist (creator) causes you to undervalue your work." "may get someone off the starting
blocks faster, but without a sense of
direction or a goal to strive for, it
won’t count for much." When a child believes their work has to be perfect in order to be accepted they may shy away from creating art at all. "to cease producing equals to cease existing, or death – the fear that some part of you dies when you stop making art (creating)." Students may believe that they do not have the 'magic' touch that most artists possess. This lack of magic will hinder their artistic skills. Talent: Perfection: Annihilation Magic: Expectations: Many times students place unrealistic expectations on themselves bring the fear of creating to life. HOWEVER........

I have learned that without fear we will never learn
to step outside of our comfort zone to try new things.
The arts are too important to ignore in daily lessons.
Robert Lazuka said, "Through sight, sound and movement, the arts activate the senses to awaken our emotions and ourdeepest thoughts. Through them we step from the ordinary into the extraordinary, entering realms of imagination, fantasy, beauty, tragedy and transcendence." Be a Proactive Arts Integrated
Leader Here is where we start the change!

Here is where we
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posted by edutopia www.youtube.com Slides 15-21: Fears About Yourself and Fears About Others
"Bayles and Orland from Art and Fear Cont. Slide 22: Robert Lazuka, Professor,
School of Art, Ohio University
"What is Art?"
Arts At the Core Brochure Slide 23: Arts Integration Changing the Way
Students Learn, For the Better.
uploaded by sjusdnews www.youtube.com
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