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Imagine a place...

No description

Cassie Stephens

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Imagine a place...

Hola! Buenas Dias!
Let's go to Mexico! Vamos a Mexico!
with beaches, volcanoes, villages
and cities...that's MEXICO!
Imagine a place...
It's on the continent North America.

Oh, do you know your continents
your continents, your continents,
oh, do you know your continents,
all around the world...

There's Europe and Africa
North and South America
Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

BOOM! Seven Continents.

Where is MEXICO?
The very first Mexicans were the Olmec civilization. Then came the mighty Mayans who mastered math, created a way of writing and invented the calendar. The amazing Aztecs came after them who built pyramids. Today, Mexico City, the capital, sits on top of this ancient civilization.
The First Mexicans
There are 196 countries in the world.
Mexico is one of them.

Can you find it?
When the Spanish came to Mexico in the 1500's, they conquered the Aztecs. Eventually, Mexico gained it's independence.
Hola, Mexico!

Such a colorful
and artistic country!

Adios, Mexico!
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