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sight translation

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Transcript of sight translation

Documents that may need to be sight translated
Medical reports, waivers, consent forms

Court documents:
waivers, probation and police reports, docs. of a case file, affidavits

Public/private schools: records

Adoption agencies: Birth/Death/Marriage certificates

Workforce: forms, reports

Important Notes
Sight translation is the oral rendering of a document from one language into another.
sight translation
-The input is visual
1. Legal documents from other countries, sometimes characterized by long, convoluted sentences and technical legal terms.

Important element of sight translation
Reading comprehension
Smooth pacing
Texts to be sight translated from a second language into English are generally of two types:
The texts that court interpreters are called upon to sight translate, contain bureaucratic language, which is characterized by:
• Technical jargon (that of the police, courts, public agencies)

• Abbreviations

• long adjective-noun clusters

• The passive voice.

2. Handwritten or typed documents that are written by unsophisticated people who may be unfamiliar with the rules of grammar and punctuation in their own language.
Paraphrasing involves taking a set of facts or opinions and rewording them.
sentences that have been paraphrased:
• Original: Her life spanned years of incredible change for women.
• Paraphrase: Mary lived through an era of liberating reform for women.

• Original: Giraffes like Acacia leaves and hay and they can consume 75 pounds of food a day.
• Paraphrase: A giraffe can eat up to 75 pounds of Acacia leaves and hay everyday.

Paraphrasing is a helpful exercise that:
• Develops the mental agility you need for sight translation.
• It forces you to read ahead and solve problems quickly.
• It also helps you focus on meaning rather than words, thus avoiding stilted, literal translations.
• Paraphrasing is a good vocabulary building exercise that you should continue to do periodically even after you feel you are adept at sight translation.

3. Reading Comprehension

Complete command of working languages at all levels of usage.

Good public speaking: voice projection, clear enunciation, good posture and smooth pacing.

Mental agility and flexibility in order to work on two channels at once.

Skills required for sight translation
Process of Sight Translation
1.Scan the document to determine the subject matter, context, style, and country of origin.

2.Make a mental note of common pitfalls unique to the source language.

3.Skim the passages quickly and identify key features, commas, parentheses, etc.

4. Translate sentence by sentence, focusing on one unit of meaning at a time.

5.Maintain a steady pace, translating as smoothly as possible.

Strategies for Interpreting a Sight Translation

Translate as smoothly as possible.

Look up and keep a glossary of any difficult terms.

Practice out loud always, with or without an audience.

Record yourself on audio Practice with a variety of typefaces and formats

Strategies for Interpreting a Sight Translation

The two commonly used methods of ST

with prior reading.

without prior reading,
Thanks for your attention!

Francisco Gavidia University

Subject: English Espanish translation.
Teacher`s name : Manuel Oviedo
Group N° 8
By: Cecilia Carolina Vásquez Posada
Jacqueline Elizabeth Chinchilla Parada
Hugo Alexander González Sánchez
Morena del Carmen Santos García San Salvador Monday June 02nd , 2014

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