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Tragedy of the Tokyo Ghoul

No description

Jeffrey Chen

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Tragedy of the Tokyo Ghoul

"If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be... A tragedy."
...Er... Literally?
Koala-fications of a Tragedy :
Noble Stature.
Koala-fications of a Tragedy :
Tragic Flaw
"It's better to be hurt than to hurt others. That is quality of a kind person"
Meet Kaneki Ken!
- An 18 year old INTROVERT that live alone, he is a LOSER who's only joy in life is reading books and stalking this girl he likes at this cafe.
The Tokyo Ghoul
- A few frames later, this VIRGIN gets lucky as the benefits that came with the job known as "protagonist" kicks in and snags him ONE HOT BITC- female person attracted to his person meat. The healthy young man walks the damsel home expecting to give her a taste of himself ;)
Welcome to Tokyo!
In the capital of Japan, strange murders are taking place as monsters called ghouls roam
the nights and prey on the helpless human victims. Having the appearance and knowledge of your average homosapiens, nobody can tell them apart aside from two things.
1. They have a tentacle like organ called a kagune that is able to rip human flesh apart with ease.
2. Their only source of sustenance is the flesh of human beings (and coffee)
The femme fatale tries to kill and eat him but was crushed under construction beams before she had the chance.
The half dead (still virgin) protagonist later wakes up in the hospital. Alive but with one key difference, the organs of the girl he was "dating" was transplanted into him since he was the only surviver. Thus, he becomes half ghoul.
In Tokyo Ghoul, humans are at the top of the social hierarchy while ghouls are seen as savage animals despite their need of human flesh for sustenance. Ghouls are similar to the definition of heretics to religion in olden times, save for the fact that a person cannot control their own biological makeup.
Enough synopsis, the world is basically a really crappy place unless your birth allows you to turn a blind from all the hardships. Kaneki was born as a human which means he is scott free from the hellish environment of the ghouls, until he actuall becomes one.
His noble stature is his humanity and innocence.
-Kaneki's Mother
Kaneki's tragic flaw stems from the ideology of his mother at a young age. He always thought of his mother as a kind person who supported both him and his immoral aunt by working day and nights jobs while also doing house work.
Koala-fications of a Tragedy :
Kaneki faces the full brute of the cruelty that can be found in the world after being captured by a sadistic serial killer ghoul by the name of "Jason" (obvious shout out to "Friday the 13th").
Tortured repeatedly and forced to choose the order of his friend's deaths as each of them were murdered in front of his eyes,
Kaneki's physical and mental trauma became the catalyst for his downfall.
"But while it seems like you are choosing both, you're really forsaking both... What a foolish mother. She should have abandoned her intolerable sister for her son. Don't you think?"
Koala-fications of a Tragedy :
Increased Awareness
-Rize Kamishiro
Koala-fications of a Tragedy :
Kaneki's awareness of his weakness is shown in his inner monologue with the personification of his id in the form of Rize.
Out of his respect for his mother's,
Kaneki's tragic flaw of naive kindness
came from the words that were taught by his mother. Ultimately, his mother died from overworking to support both her sister and her son.
Kaneki lament's his own naivete as he embraces the primal values of being a ghoul, or rather, what it meant to live. His innocence is lost and he development.

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