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The Zulu Tribe

No description

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of The Zulu Tribe

Local Customs
-The Zulu tribe is located in South Africa and parts of Zimbabwe as well as Zambia
Language of Zulu
Standard Zulu
is taught in schools, also called "deep Zulu"
Parables and Proverbs
The Ancient Belief
Long ago people did not die but rather lived for years. The Creator did not think that people should die. He, therefore, called a chameleon and said, "Chameleon, I am sending you to the people. Go and tell them that they are not to die." Although the chameleon was very slow, the Creator did not mind. He waited for the reply.

However, after walking a long distance, the chameleon saw wild berries and decided to stop and eat them. It told itself that the Creator would not see it. Unfortunately, the Creator saw it and became very angry. He called a lizard, which came swiftly. The Creator told the lizard to go and tell the people that they are to die. The lizard sped off, passed the chameleon on the way, and delivered the message to the people. After a long time, the chameleon appeared, breathing heavily, and delivered its message. The people were very angry and said to it, "Why did you waste time? We have already received the lizard's message!"
belief in:
transcendental reality
Supreme Being:
creation of
Olorunl Olodumare
orisa (divinities):
the dominate element of religious world & proxy affairs of living
spirits: proxy affairs of living
The Zulu Tribe
~Village leaders are buried in a sitting position in his cattle kraal and lastly sown into the skin of a black bull that was recently killed.

Ethnic Group in South Africa
Does not terminate the relationship between living and Dead
Live a good life, ripe age, and a good death would qualify as a statue of ancestor, accorded a befitting burial.
- They are capable of acting good or ill of their descendants
- Revered and treated with great respect
- Special shrines and rituals to maintain relationship
Parables and Proverbs
Treatment of Women and Children
Treatment of Women and Children
Linguistic Diversity
Important Themes
~Many Zulus believe in a supreme creator, better known as uMveliqangi or uNulunkulu (the very big one)

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Transvaal Zulu

The climate of this region is hot.
- The region is also diverse with many landscapes such as forests, deserts, savannahs, and mountain ranges
The Isivivane
~KwaZulu-Natal is where large stone piles called isivivane. These isivivane are the means by which locals respect past spirits.
The tokolshe is a feared "undead" person, much like a zombie. It is said to be created by the tribes witch. They do this by taking a corpse, gouging the eyes out, cutting the toungue out, and driving a red hot rod through the skull, making it shrink. And lastly blowing magic powder into its mouth. Making it come to life and only to obey its master
Due to the terrain, The Zulu tribe was able to thrive on warfare
~The wealth of a Zulu man is determined by how many cattle, goats and sheep he owns
~The chief of the Zulu village is allowed to have as many wives as he can afford, ranging from 1 to 11
~Before entering a hut, the host will usually lead all guests into his/her hut, fearing for any harmful animals or items in their way, for example a snake.
~Local Zulus believe that any illnesses or bad luck is caused by a evil spirit. A diviner, or medicine man, will communicate with spirits, or they will use herbs and prayers to get rid of the illness or bad luck
Ancestor Worship
3 Elements that exerting amandle (power)
God of Sky: male-father figure
**orun (sky)
Earth: female-mother figure
aye (earth)
Women in the Zulu tribe are viewed as inferior in status and value. Women dress based on their martial status. If the female is single they only wear short shirts made out of grass or beaded cotton strings.Married women must cover their bodies completely. This signals she is off limits to other men and they also have to wear a hat on their head. During her husband’s absences she could not take the hat off and pretend she was unmarried.

Discipline can be carried out by any adult member of the community. If not respect the child will be reported to the parents who will then probably give the child another hiding for causing them shame.
Respect is an important thing to have and do. In the Zulu tribe respect plays a very important role in their lives. Discipline is taught a young age.

Descended from the Ngunis who migrated south from central or east Africa to settle in what is now known as KwaZulu-Natal.
Zulus believe in a long life that continues after death. Getting old is seen as a blessing.
Thus, growing old among the Zulu is seen as a special privilege from the Creator. Elderly people are believed to be sacred, and are thus are always respected..
late 1800s
Product - cocoa beans
natural rubber
late 1800s - 1890
British colonization
Anglo - Zulu War (1879)
Zulu VS. British
By Jordon, Shawn, Jessica
Zululand is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the east, by Mozambique on the north, and by Swaziland on the west. The terrain rises from a low coastal plain to the foothills of the Drakensberg Range. There are several game and forest reserves.

The Climate in this region is hot and usually sunny

Zululand is approximately 10,000 square miles

Zululand is home to approx. 11 million people.
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