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Control freakery

Controlling the reader

Mr Wood

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Control freakery

Let's start with the reader.
You need to be controlled!
There are two options here:
have a specific kind of person in mind (examiner, anyone?) Good writing is all about control sentence structure paragraph structure Let's start with the reader, who needs to be kept here, under your thumb. But who is your reader? So we have our reader. Let's control them. But not with the big things.

You are the puppet master.
You pull the strings. What we have to do is decide what it is we wish to control, and how we will control it You might have someone specific in mind... But maybe that's not so nice. SO let's think of a human being, a thinking person - like us!
A person with feelings that we can affect. Everything you write is going to control the reader. punctuation You control how they feel and when they feel... How can you manipulate:
paragraph structure?
sentence structure?
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