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Mallory Shayla And Redcloud, Lalaa!


Jefferson Middle

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Mallory Shayla And Redcloud, Lalaa!

Grasslands! Ms. Haverland's Science Class! Animals! Plants! Natural Resources! Size of
Ecosystem! Facts! 1. Grass.
2. Wheat.
3. Maize.
4. Barley. Rainfall: 150 cm (59 in.)

Tempatures: Dry Season - 34 C. (93 F.)
Wet Season - 16 C. (61 F.) Rain, Ticksee Sunflowers. 1.4 million square miles (3.6 million sq. km.) 1. Termite towers are common in Australia.

2. Grassland predators and prey run fast.

3. In a Grassland 70 percent of all plant matter is below ground.

4. Prairies can be home to huge numbers of animals
-One praire dog town found in the early 20th
century had estimaded 400 million
prairie dog living in it. Shayla Mallory Lalaa Redcloud 1. Prairie Dogs.
2. Mice.
3. North American Bison.
4. Elephants.
5. Giraffes.
6. Zebras Weather!
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