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Graphic Design Timeline

No description

kimberly flatt

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Graphic Design Timeline

Graphic Design Timeline
1488 A.D. - 2013 A.D.

Andy Warhol
1949 A.D.
Warhol started his career in the early 1950's. He is well known for his colorful pop art and paintings. He created graphics for Lifesavers, Perrier, Campbell Soup, Coca-A-Cola, and many more.
Woodcut Printing
1488 A.D.
Woodcut printing became popular in Europe beginning in 1488. Woodcuts were used in printing to illustrate the pages of fairy tales, educational aids, and religious works.
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Stefan Sagmeister
1991 A.D.
Sagmeister entered graphics design in 1991 and specialized in CD covers after 1993. He has designed covers and packaging for The Rolling Stones, Jay - Z, Lou Reed, and Ok Go. He currently owns a design firm in New York.
Milton Glaser
1954 A.D.
Milton Glaser was one of the most notable artist in the graphic design industry. Co-founder of Pushpin Studio in 1954, he is well known for his I love NY logo and Bob Dylan shadow poster.
2001 A.D
Just as 9/11 impacted America this event and the aftermath impacted the graphic design industry. A gallery was created by the American Institute of Graphic Arts showcasing icons, symbols, and other images in remembrance of the twin towers and the many lives that were lost. This tragedy brought a sense of unity to graphic design.
1990 A.D.
In February of 1990 Photoshop 1.0 was shipped and became an essential tool for graphic designers. Originally, Photoshop was only made for Mac computers but when 2.5 was released Windows had the ability to use Photoshop as well.
IBM Logo
1956 A.D.
Created by Paul Rand
1798 A.D.
Discovered by Alois Senefelder, lithography enabled multiple copies of illustrations and printings to be made. In the 1800's color and the use of lithography created ease in printing and the graphics industry.
Ruth Ansel
1961 A.D.
Ruth began her career in 1961 working for Harper's Bazaar. In 1962, she became a co-art director. She worked for The New York Times in 1974 as art director and afterwards design director for Vanity Fair in 1983.
World War I
1915 A.D.
World War I impacted graphic design with the use of propaganda. Posters were designed to gain applicants into the military's of countries involved and to manipulate citizens. Graphic design was not considered an art during this period.
Paula Scher
1970 A.D.
Paula started her career by designing the inside of children's books in 1970. She worked for CBS network and has designed for the likes of Target, Walt Disney World, The New York Times, Microsoft, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, G.Q. and more.
Death of Steve Jobs
2011 A.D.
The unfortunate death of Steve Jobs inspired many of his fans and supporters in the graphic design industry to create pieces in remembrance of him and his work.
Paul Rand
1941 A.D.
Born in 1914, Paul Rand began his career in 1941. He continued on to teaching graphic design at three colleges including Yale University. Rand designed logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC network among many others.
I Love N.Y.
1977 (A.D.)
Designed by Milton Glaser
Scenes of Witchcraft
Moulin Rouge:La Goulue
(Lautrec, 1891)
Red Cross or Iron Cross
(Wilson, 1917)
Milton Glaser
(Haskins, 2009)
A photograph of Ruth Ansel
(Metzner, n.d.)
Paula Scher
(Kennedy, 1980)
Stefan Sagmeister
(John Madere, n.d)
Perrier Design
1983 A.D.
Designed by Andy Warhol
1984 A.D.
The Apple Macintosh was introduced in 1984 and was designed for graphic processing. It was the first machine to have a graphic user interface which allowed designers the ability to design fonts and manipulate images. Macs are the preferred system for designers even today.
Tutti Frutti
2013 A.D.
This is a current example of colorful graphic design trends from Spanish designer Martin Santi.
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