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OCR F215 Module 4: The Brain and Nervous system

OCR A Level Biology F215 Module 4: The brain, nervous system and muscle contractions. Hope it helps!

Neil Turner

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of OCR F215 Module 4: The Brain and Nervous system

Module 4: The Brain, Nervous System
and muscle contraction The Brain Glossary: – The brain, nervous system and muscle

Medulla oblongata
Autonomic motor neurone
Somatic motor neurone
Sympathetic subsystems
Parasympathetic subsystem Glossary and Objectives Types of Muscle and Muscle Contraction The Nervous system Label this diagram Cartilage
Synovial fluid
T tubule
Neuromuscular junction
Smooth muscle
Skeletal muscle
Sliding Filament theory
Fight or flight
old school video! Simple video! Complicated but good! Great weblink!
Loads of info Lesson notes and handouts Sympathetic and
parasympathetic Neuromuscular
junction Basic intro 3 types of muscles Lesson Handouts Muscle contraction Good info...
read it!!! SSSR Extra notes good detail! http://faculty.washington.
edu/chudler/auto.html http://i-biology.net/options/option-e-neurobiology-and-behaviour/e5-the-human-brain/ Some good weblinks!
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