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How to Secure an Internship

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Christina Tzagarakis-Foster

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of How to Secure an Internship

How to Secure an Internship
Step 1
The search.....

Things you need to consider before starting:
-do you want to focus on research? branch out to something new? work within academia? explore biotech?

-plan out your schedule ahead of time (know your time commitments)

-if you want to explore biotech, do you want to explore a start up or big pharma?
Step 2
ok...so you have an idea of what you want, now...how to get it?

-search the internet! Linkedin it a great place to start.

-don't be afraid to cold call HR of a company you are interested in and ask about internships

-if you are asked to send in your resume, do it immediately - DON'T HESITATE!

-think outside of your comfort zone. Remember, this is your chance to explore something new.
Step 3
The search.....


-the internship gives you a chance to apply and implement what you have learned in your PSM courses

-there will be a chance to branch out your network of contacts

-The goal of the internship to prepare you for the next level -- a full time job!

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