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A Plant Cell Is Like a High School

A description of how a plant cell is like a high school (B.F. Terry)

Greg Alvarez

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of A Plant Cell Is Like a High School

A Plant Cell is Like a High School Greg A., Brennan C., Johnny L., Isai C. The trash cans are like the lysosomes of the cell because it is where all materials that are no longer useful the cell go. Lysosome/Trash Can The gym is like the mitochondria of the cell because it's where food can be transferred into other useful things (energy) Mitochondria/Gym The lunch ladies are like the chloroplasts of the cell because they produce food for the cell. Chloroplasts/Lunch ladies Rough E.R./Hallways and Stairs The lockers are like the vacuole of the cell because they store items. Vacuole/Lockers The outside school wall is like the cell wall of a plant cell because it protects the cell and gives it structure. Cell Wall/School Wall The front doors are like the cell membrane of the cell because it controls what comes in and out. Cell Membrane/Front Doors The cafeteria is like the ribosome of a cell because it is where the protein is produced for the cell. Ribosome/Cafeteria The principal's office is like the nucleus of a cell because it is the control center. Nucleus/Principal's office The hallways and stairs are like the rough e.r. of the cell because they transport materials around the cell.
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