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Space timeline

No description

Jaci Johansen

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Space timeline

By: Jaci Lynn Johansen Space Timeline October 4, 1957:
First Artificial Satellite Tried second coup by launching a dog
Dog survived launch
Died within hours from life-support failure Launched less than two months after Vanguard 1A
Called Satellite 1958 Alpha
Went 1,560 miles above Earth January 31, 1958:
First Successful American Satellite Launched by Jupiter-C rocket
Fails to reach orbit March 5, 1958:
Explorer 2 Launched into orbit
Continued to transmit for 3 years March 17, 1958:
Vanguard 1 Launched Sputnik 1
Took 98 minutes to orbit Earth November 3, 1957:
First Animal in Orbit Launched by U.S.S.R.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics May 15, 1958:
Sputnik 3 First successful weather satellite
Launched by U.S. August 18, 1960:
Discoverer XIV April 12, 1961:
First Human in Space Alan Shepard
Flight lasted 15 minutes
Experienced about 5 minutes of "weightlessness" April 1, 1960:
Tiros 1 Launched the first U.S. camera- Equipped Corona spy satellite.
Means Discoverer 14 Yuri A. Gagarin
108-minute flight
First successfully orbit the globe
Gagarin did not land with the ship
He is an international hero
Russians will not admit that he did not land with the ship May 5, 1961:
First American in Space John H. Glenn
On Atlas D rocket
Total of 3 complete orbits
Flight time 4 hours and 56 minutes February 20, 1962:
First American in Orbit Commander Pavel I. Belyayeu
Pilot Alexei A. Leonov
Launched into orbit on Voskhod 2
Pilot performed first tethered space walk outside of his spacecraft
Lasted 12 minutes March 18, 1965:
First Space Walk Suffered an explosion in SM oxygen tanks
Moon landing aborted
Crew, Jr. Jame A. Lovell, Jr. John L. Swigert, and Jr. Fred W. Haise
All returned safely after several days in space April 11, 1970:
Apollo 13 Launch Apollo 11 made the first successful soft landing on the Moon
Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin
First human beings to set foot on the moon July 20, 1969:
First Manned Moon Landing Soviet Venera 7 is first probe to land on Venus
Transmitting for 23 minutes December 15, 1970:
First Landing on Venus THE END
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