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Devin Bennett- Career Analysis

No description

Devin Bennett

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Devin Bennett- Career Analysis

Veterinarian The average salary for this
career is around $89,450. The job responsibilities are protecting
the animals' health and welfare. The education needed for this job
is a 4 year college degree in Doctor
Verterinary Medicine (DVM). Brevard Community College,T. Petersburg
Junior College, and University of Florida offer
classes. In the future it is possible
that it will grow in the future.
Offering more jobs. Right now it says that this job is really
low around the world. They use X- ray machines and
alot of computer use to imput
data for the pets' records. They mostly deal with any type of animal with a medical problem. they also deal with the pets' They can work with wildlife animals
and much more. One problem that vets deal with is the pets' health. They use math all the time. They use it to measure the right amount of medicine for the animal. They use verbal communication to communicate to the owner to see what and why the animal is feeling the way it is. And they also communicate over the phone. By: Devin Bennett
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