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Georgiana Ciuchete

on 20 September 2012

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Thank you! Looking ahead, is made by consumers who buy holidays travel services through travel agencies Conclusions,
Future Research Methodology Risk of boring due to lack of innovation & diversity Introduction Daniel Bulin, Gabriela Stănciulescu, Casiana-Alexandra Rădut, Aurora Costina Lincă
PERCEPTIONS OF TOURISM SERVICES - AN ANSWER FOR ‘STANDARDIZATION OR DIVERSIFICATION’ AND ‘TOURIST OR CLIENT’ QUESTIONS Personal preferences recorded 85.1% which shows that tourists are rather subjective choices. Results
Discussion The Bucharest University of Economic Studies Tourist or client?
Moral duty
Safety risks
“Live" experience of visiting new places
(10 questions, multiple choice) How? Romanian clients of travel agencies Who? Perception of standardization vs. diversity  What? Customers vs. Tourists SUPPORTING “client” concept “tourist” concept price/tariffs factor
personal preferences criteria past experience factor, relatively same percents for hotel, resort and bed&breakfast accommodation structures
specific restaurants choice
visiting the surroundings,
trying to discover as many new items choice to spend holiday
not regular clients of international hotel chains
privacy choice for spending holiday SUPPORTING diversification standardization the novelty factor
specific restaurants choice
visiting the surroundings
trying to discover as many new items choice to spend holiday
not regular clients of international hotel chains all inclusive purchase form
heterogeneity of differences observed by client about tourism services Increasing the number of respondents
Parallel research travel agencies
Accommodation, research in different time periods
Interpretation by gender, age, income, education. opportunities for improvement and further research on this subject are: FUTURE RESEARCH "clients" "tourists" We believe that research reveals that in the tourism industry and tourism services "clients" become "tourists" and if standardization has its advantages, especially regarding risks assumed, diversification it is consumer choice. After all, if the idea of ​​standardization is in contradiction with the diversification, tourists are after all a kind of' ”customize” clients. LIMITATIONS physical statistical interpretative approach the authors on the questionnaire. number of the respondents and level of relevancy Quality differences and loyal customers
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