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Writing Boot Camp: Elaboration Strategies

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Jaclyn Schroder

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Writing Boot Camp: Elaboration Strategies

Useful Sentence Starters
Based on the evidence, one must conclude (rephrase your claim) because (your explanation).
The most logical conclusion that can be drawn from this evidence is that (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis).
This is significant because (explain why in a way that directly relates to your claim).
(Rephrase your evidence) illustrates (rephrase your claim) due to the fact that (your explanation).
Have out on your desk your 1 sheet of paper, your notes from last class (we will add on to these), a highlighter/colored pen, and something to write with.
Do's and Don'ts of Elaborating Evidence
Even More Useful Sentence Starters!
Considered together, the fact that (rephrase evidence 1) and (rephrase evidence 2), clearly demonstrate that (rephrase your claim) because (your synthesis and explanation).
These facts work together to build a case that (rephrase claim) because (your explanation).
(Rephrase your evidence) matters because (give your reason). Thus, (rephrase your claim) must be true because (your explanation).
Writing Boot Camp: Elaboration Strategies
Remember your purpose for writing
Explain the importance of the evidence in your own words
Explain how evidence supports the point of the paragraph
Explain how the point of the paragraph supports your thesis
Vary your elaboration techniques
Use sentence starters when appropriate
Skip a step of the elaboration process
Leave the reader to make an inference regarding how the evidence supports your point
Forget your purpose for writing
Merely repeat yourself
Previous explanation
Neglect to synthesize your evidence
Use the same elaborative technique every time
Remember to construct cohesive and grammatically correct sentences!
Consider your purpose for writing when choosing a sentence starter!
We Do: Evaluate Student Examples
They Do: Navigating the Rubric
You Do: Writing Drill
Closing: Peer Assessment
Peer Assessment: You are being randomly assigned a peer's paper from the writing drill last class. As a group, we will grade our peer's writing drill, using the rubrics that are attached. Once you have assigned them a score, flip to the back of the rubric. On the back, explain why they got that score by giving your classmate an Oreo.
Gun control laws are good and valuable to our life and we can live in a better society with gun control laws. Also police would have a hard time if gun control laws didn't esixt now or in the future. For example source 1 turkewitz explains that "when we have guns during an attack it could confuse the police arriving the scene." Also this is why we shouldn't have guns on us and let the police take care of the criminals or attackers. Also this helps prove that the argument needs to control access to guns because it can help us have a safer society. This proves the benefits that we should have stricter gun control laws and it makes the police job easier.
To commence the analysis, the issue with gun control isn't gun control itself, but the people it is targeting and their willingness to follow the law. For instance, the crimals of America who without a doubt care not what the law says. In source 1 Adam and Julie state, "Gun free zones don't protect innocent people from a criminal walking into a campus and start shooting people." As said before, criminals have no regard for the law for they are complacent with what they do. With the idea that they would actually follow the law is absurd because laws mean nothing to them and doesn't stop anyone from getting frearms illegally. In the second source Mr. Wilson explicates this point when he mentions, "It would be continuously suspect and politically impossible to confiscate hundreds of millions of weapons." No matter how strong of a policy is enacted, guns will never disappear. Governement as a whole does not have the ability to secretly take away the firearms (because if the government were to try to openly collec them there would be violent revolts) that lies within our country. With or without gun control killings will continue to happen whether it be with legal or illegal firearms thwy will still occur because man isthe cruelest animal alive.
Use the source chart below to write 1 body paragraph for this essay. You have 20 minutes.
Prompt: Write an explanatory essay about the benefits and risks of using genetically modified foods.
Source Info
Controlling Idea
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Effct of GM on consumer health
Lack of awareness of harm of GMOs
Disagreement on whether the way GMOs have transformed food production is + or -
Genetically engineered veggies are able to fight off disease.
GMOs produce large quantities of food to fit the worlwide population's growing need.
Some experts believe GMOs are the only way that Americans are being fed because the populationis growing at a higher speed than natural production can keep up with.
Some genetically modified food contains chemicals not fit for human consumption.
Many doctors advise patients to stay away from GMOs, as they cause severe health issues.
In Europe, GMOs are not allowed to be sold to humans.
Looking at the evidence and elaboration column on your formal argumentative writing rubric, what score would student A have received? Student B? Discuss with your partner, making sure to explain WHY!
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