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Eva Adámková

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of Traveling

Click on this page to search for connections:

You can switch the page to English.

This presentation will show you, how to use it ;)
How to use IDOS?
Search how to get from place A to place B.
The list of possible connections will appear - just look over it and choose, how you want to travel.

You can also see, how long the journey will be, how many km and the approximate price.

If you click on the name / number of a train or bus, a schedule with all stations and times will appear.
You can buy a ticket online
Student Agency
CD train ticket...
Do you have any question?

Travel tips
You can buy cheaper train tickets, if you are traveling in group (group discount). If you buy a roundtrip ticket instead of 2 single tickets, you'll also travel cheaper.

You can also buy train tickets directly online at Ceske Drahy web page. There is always a discount for using eshop (cca 3%). You can get the additional discount tickets, if you buy them several days in advance
http://www.cd.cz/ look for English or German translation buttons
Travel tips
Many bus operators give discounts, if you have an ISIC card or if you prove that you are a student. Check with the bus operator before traveling, if you can get any discounts.

You can also search among different websites and FB groups using carpooling, for students and other people sharing a car from one place to another, reducing cost of traveling.
Traveling in the Czech Republic
Basic search settings
searching among bus and train schedules.
Click on „Select timetable“ on the right side.
If you want to travel trough particular city, you can add it by clinking at „+ Add through places“
Add time and date and where you want to travel. Choose, if you are looking for departure or arrival time.
Feel free to ask your mentor or us:

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