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ebrand studios for real estate professionals

Realtors - we offer concierge level online marketing services to grow your business. See our snappy Prezi to learn more.

ebrand studios

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of ebrand studios for real estate professionals

Marketing yourself
in real estate is a lot
like building a home. You need to start
with a great blueprint. And on top of that you need to juggle --- Client needs Transactions You could, if you only had the time and inclination, right? That's where we come in, with all
the right tools. and those skydiving lessons. We'll start with a comprehensive online
audit that will: 2. Show where you rank in commonly used
search terms for your market, and why. 3. Provide a thorough review of your social media
approach, detailing what is working or not. With the audit done, we'll develop a custom plan to quantifiably maximize traffic, relationships, and inquiries. We can even develop a comprehensive blog and social media strategy that includes: Unique content creation specific to your market and target audience. A robust content calendar. We can even take this content and push to social. And there is no need to learn how to use all of these sites. We'll do the work for you as well as providing you robust reporting to demonstrate results. There's even more services we provide
to brand and drive business to you. Professional Branded Property Marketing Sites Visual CMAs Imagine presenting a CMA using this same technology? While everyone else is bringing tired, old paper CMAs in a beat up folder, we can build dynamic and highly visual CMA's that will surely get you off the ground. They'll even look awesome on your
laptop, iPad or Tablet. 1. Review your actual online brand in relation to
to your market and target audience. We'll do all the work from purchasing the domain, and creating a unique and beautifully branded property websites that will showcase your listing. Just send us those original, high quality images. We'll provide these online and offline. One thing has always perplexed us about the real estate industry. Well actually many things do.... In order to be successful you need to dedicate significant time to selling, right? Then why are you spending your precious time.... Marketing? We'll do it custom. We'll do it quickly. We'll do it cost effectively. And.... Contact us today to get started:

e: info@ebrandstudios.com | p: 978-255-3244 | w: www.ebrandstudios.com Personal Brand
Strategies Visual
Resumes Social
Management Property
Sites and
Visual CMAs Then you need to execute on that plan, everyday. But how? Unfortunately, chances
are you don't.... Here's how First:

We'll build a visual resume that will help your potential clients connect with you in a way that a simple bio just can't do. What is
lead nurturing? Some call it
Drip. Some call it
email marketing. We call it
an essential
part of long term success. Second:

We can help
drive inquiries
today and in the
long term with
our lead nurturing
program. We'll send approved
email messages to your client database on your behalf. So
just sit back and enjoy those leads.

We'll provide campaign level reporting to show reach and effectiveness. You sell, we'll market When it comes to your real estate marketing; Fourth:

As social media continues to become a dominant way of connecting you to potential clients, we'll get you outfitted properly on the most relevant social media platforms. Fifth:
So you have a blog and your social media program is setup, great! Now how do you keep these updated and relevant to attract and retain a following? A robust content
calendar so you know exactly what and when info goes out. Unique and or general topic content geared to your market and
target audience. Professional copy writing so your copy is always in top shape. We have you covered with our
content management service!
We'll help you with: You'll be set free with monthly campaign level reporting to show results and ROI. We'll even make it easy by posting the content online for you.
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