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The Three Main Causes of CyberBullying

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fabian mcdonald

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of The Three Main Causes of CyberBullying

Teenage issues

The Three Main Causes of CyberBullying

Ways We Can Prevent Cyber Bullying At South Johnston High School
The outcome of cyber bullying can be fatal for victims and life changing for the people bullying. If there is enough information that can be proved that you bullied them you can be charged with second or third degree murder. It can also be life changing because you have to live with the thought of how the family feels and that you made someone commit suicide over hurtful rumors or internet harassment that you thought was funny and cool.
Outcome Of Bullying
Cyber Bullying
By: Fabian McDonald & Isaiah Lett
April 10th 2014
For parents they should know all the cites their children are using. Follow or friend them on the social media cites.
For students we should tell an adult immediately!
For victims you should build a strong self esteem. Tell someone about what your going through. Do not think you'll be taunted
more for telling, the moment you tell the moment it stops!
Ways To Stop Cyber Bullying
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works cited
T.V. is a factor because there are many commercials that advertise alcohol, tobacco, drugs and these commercials are shown so much teens are going to get curious and want to try what they see.
Peer Pressure is an enormous factor because teens usually give in to this.
1-One main cause for cyberbullying is frustration or REVENGE!!!!!!
2- Another cause is wanting to take advantage of others and showing how powerful the bullies are.
3-The last main cause of bullying is because victims have been bullied and the people who have been bullied bully others so they can feel better for themselves.

Ways we can keep our school cyber bully free or keep any type of bullying stop in my opinion is we need to get rid of all the drama. Students do not realize that us as students represent our school, we are who make it up. We are like a family we may not be all the same race, or be a "thug" and "redneck" but some ways to keep that from being an issue would be wearing uniforms, teachers be more strict on students just "joking around". This way we will all be equal and nobody can judge each other because we all have the same thing on and teachers are enforcing that "just joking" needs to stop.
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