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Role of Business in a Global Society

No description

Elmi Martinez

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Role of Business in a Global Society

Role of Business in a Global Society
McDonald's Goes
Why is International Business So Important?
It provides global opportunities:

- Meet consumer demands by buying products/services FROM another country.

- Increase business by selling our goods/services TO another country.
Pair up! Let's think!

What factors determine if a business is international or domestic?

Pull out two items from your backpack, purse, binder, etc. and write down where the product is made on the sticky note provided.

What about the mom & pop stores? Are they importing/exporting?
Not directly but I was still part of the global business society!

How? I demanded products that the camera supply store had to keep in stock! These products were made in different countries!

Example: My camera was made in Japan!
Life Photography
Source: McDonald's website, McDonald's History
Image Source: aboutmcdonalds.com
Source: McDonald's website, McDonald's History
Image Source: telegraphy.co.uk
Lesson Learned!
* We need each other!

* By exporting and importing countries are able to specialize and offer unique products that are cost effective!

EXIT TICKET: Give one advantage and one disadvantage of doing business in a global society.
* In San Bernardino, CA in December 1948 McDonald's opens as a drive-in restaurant with car hop service!

* The menu had 9 items but the staple was the .15 hamburger!!
McDonald's is Founded
* In 1967, the first international McDonald's opens in Canada and Puerto Rico.

* Today they are in 119 countries around the world!

* Business within ONE country

* Making, Buying, Selling Goods and Services within ONE country.

* Everything you need is here!

* Encompasses all business activities:
Create, Sell, Ship

* Goods and Services across national borders. Could include multiple countries!
International Business
But Does This Affect ME?
What is the relationship between myself and importing/exporting?

* Select 5 products you own personally and research their origin by visiting the following website:


What is a domestic business?
What is an International Business?
Did I Import?
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