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Call of Duty: Zombies

No description

michael grove

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Call of Duty: Zombies

Call of Duty: Zombies
Call of Duty: Black ops
Call of duty black ops was released on the 9th of november 2010, it broke records in COD sales by selling 5.6 million copies in 24 hours. After 6 weeks, Treyarch revealed that they had exceeded $1 billion in sales. Call of Duty Black ops also introduced new titles for the original 4 perks and added Mule Kick (plus many other perks exclusive to some maps)
Call of Duty: World at War
This was the first Call of Duty to feature the now iconic zombie game mode, it was released on the 11th of november 2008. The zombie mode was accessible by completing the campaign. The first zombie map was: Nacht Der Untoten which translates to Night of the Undead.
Call of Duty: Black ops 2
One of the most hyped games ever made, BO2 was well received upon release... If you exclude the zombies part. The multiplayer has been said to be the best Call of Duty multiplayer ever and I agree. Unfortunately for the zombies part the first map that was released (TranZit) was later admitted to be the worst map ever made, Treyarch actually apologized for releasing it. Fans have called it the map that shall not be named and TranShit. Double Tap root beer was remastered into Double Tap 2.0 which does everything the previous one did plus each bullet clones itself meaning when you shoot one it turns into two (double damage) and it reduces the not ADS reticule size
Nacht der Untoden
This was the first map and was unlocked by completing the campaign. Nacht der Untoten was set in an abandoned warehouse overrun by Nazi Zombies, the map itself did not feature any perk-a-cola machines but did however incorporate the mystery box which you would receive a random weapon. In the original WaW map there was only 1 wunder-weapon which was the fan favourite: Ray Gun. However; the black ops 1 remake of the map featured the thundergun This map was the first to feature the original characters: Nikolai Belinski, Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsy and Takeo Masaki. At the time these characters had nothing known about them other than that they were each from a team in world war 1; Russia, Germany, America and Japan
The zombies game mode was such a success that it lead treyarch to release more maps for world at war. In DLC map pack 1 they released a new map entitled verruckt which translates to crazy because it was located in a german insane asylum loosely connected to the campaign (like most). Along with the larger map layout, Treyarch also introduced "Perks" which had like affects to the multiplayer varients, They were in the form of drinks (Perk-A-Colas) Juggernaut soda (extra health), Slight of hand soda (faster reloading), Quick revive soda and Double tap root beer (double fire rate)
Shino Numa
Shino was featured in DLC 2, the map was released with a new Wunder-Weapon (Finally! a new Wunder-Weapon) The response towards this was incredible, copies were sold like hot cakes, everyone wanted to try the new "Wunderwaffe". The weapon was designed by none other than Richtofen which we now know also created the ray gun. Shino numa was set in a swamp, it incorporated the lightning trap and also introduced a fan favorite: the Flogger
Der Riese
Everyone's Favorite WaW map: Der Reise, the final DLC, (most final DLC's are the best) this map was set in a factory commandeered by group 935 for wunderwaffe mass production and teleportation testing. it featured the Pack-A-Punch which was accessed by linking all the teleporters to the mainframe and a new weapon called the Ppsh-41 which was as powerful as an LMG but shot as fast and was as maneuverable as an SMG. Der reise was also the first map to feature an easter egg. (hidden bonus) In this map you also discover the zombies were created by group 935 accidently.
Kino der Toten
Translating to; Theatre of the dead, this map was set in a nazi theatre when teleportation (now almost perfected) was going to be showcased to the crowd of nazis and some members of; the Illuminati and Group 935. The map featured a new wunder-weapon called the Thundergun which blows the zombies backward and has infinite damage but little ammo. Kino also introduced boss zombies which in this instance were nova 6 crawlers which exploded with toxic nova 6 bio-gas.
This map was set in the pentagon and was unlocked by completing the campaign pentagon mission, it featured teleporters but not quite the same as the german designed ones, America had not quite perfected teleportation which is why the teleportation is random in Five. This map was also the first to feature the Winter's Howl (the freeze gun) the gun is not very good for a wunder-weapon as it is not german designed or finished which is evident due to the exposed wiring. Five also featured a boss zombie called the pentagon thief which if he touched you; stole your equipped weapon and if killed dropped a bonfire sale (1000 point Pack-A-Punch)
This map was set in the campaign mission area where you have to prevent the rocket from launching or plan b (which was reverted to) destroy the rocked with a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. the map also featured the thundergun for the second and last time. it also uses kino style teleporters in the spawn room and other map locations.
Call of the Dead
Call of the dead is set on an on-site filming for a zombies movie near a frozen in the ocean ship, call of the dead featured a whopping 3 new perks bringing the total to eight the perks being; Staminup, (increased conditioning and speed) Phd flopper (My favorite perk; Immune to fall and explosive damage and if you dolphin dive of something high, you create a mini nuke explosion, the higher you are: the more lethal the explosion is) and deadshot daquiri (Auto ADS locks onto the heads of zombies) The zombie boss is George Romero (the movie producer) who has 1,000,000hp (for scale a knife to a zombie is 100hp and kills a zombie on round 1 instantly) when killed, george will walk into the nearest frozen lake bringing the PaP to that lake and will also drop a wunderwaffe powerup and a free perk. the map featured two non powerup wunderweapons: the scavenger and the vr-11, the scavenger was a sniper that shot explosives with 30,000hp the reason it isn't infinite like most is to make George Romero more of a challenging. The Vr-11 is renowned for being the worst of the wunderweapons due to its lack of damage (makes a zombie a human; moving monkey bomb and if you shoot a teammate it gives them instakill for 10 seconds)
Shangri la
Set in an abandoned resort, this map was styled after hindu religions and other such things. the wunder-weapon of the map was the 31-79 JGb215 which is commonly referred to as the baby gun or the baby maker because it turns the zombies into small creatures which are instakill but with a difference (you can run into them and they die)
This map was one of the biggest. it featured a starting room unlike any other, before the teleporter can be activated you must stay in the starting room for 30 seconds and as soon as the telepoter can be used, the zombies start sprinting (they stop when you teleport to the moon and begin the rounds) in the starting room there is the Pack-A-Punch and either Juggernog or Speed Cola. The map featured one of the hardest easter eggs due to you having to complete the 2 previous map easter eggs in order to start this one. The map also included a new hybrid wunder-weapon; the dual wield zap guns which can be joined together to create the wave gun. Along with this there was a new grenade called the QED which had somewhat of a random affect... (there is over 100 so i cant list them)
The worst map in the history of zombies. You have to build the power switch and the Pack-A-Punch which has never been done in a zombies game and was a massive flop. the wunder-weapon not only has to be built in the fog but it breaks. The one perk added was the worst ever (nuff said)(the wunder-weapon is also really really bad) There is not much going for this map except the introduction of buildables the weapon locker (store weapons for later games) and the bank. (store money for later games)
Die Rise
People often confuse die rise with der riese which is infact very different. Die rise is set on 2 skyscrapers which have collided into each other due to the rift opening. The map features one of the most controversial wunder-weapons ever; the sliquifier. This weapon is home made ad uses a manikin foot as a stock. it shoots some form of pink goo which turns the zombies into pink goo and also makes the ground affected slippery. This weapon was also a buildable (but far easier to build than the jet gun) when built the sliquifer can be taken by one person but unlike any other wunder-weapon it appears in the mystery box for anyone to get later. )The buildable in this map was the tramplesteam) the new perk for the game wasn't great but some liked it, it enabled the player to (when downed) respawn as another character and try to get to your downed self and revive him. (all perks are found in moving elevators)

Mob of The Dead
This map is set on Alcatraz island outside the storyline in hell. It featured a tactical grenade called the hell's retriever which is acquired by feeding all 3 dogs which are scattered around the map. The wunder-weapon has 4 variants which is the first weapon to do this The first is the blundergat which can then be either put into the acid gat kit creating the acid gat or it can be put in the pack-a-punch creating the sweeper or both creating the vitriolic withering (which is one of my favourite wunder-weapons. The perk of the map was electric cherry which when you reload your weapon creates lightning around your body stunning or killing nearby zombies. one of the main features to this map is the afterlife which is aquired when you down, while in afterlife you can levitate and power on various objects such as doors and perks.
This map is set underground in a town founded in 1895. the map includes an NPC called leroy who can do various things with the mystery box, build buildables and break down walls. all of these things can happen when you give leroy candy or booze. The map featured two wunder-weapons; the paralyser which you could fly and make others fly with and the ray gun mk 2 which when the dlc is purchased can be gotten from the mystery box in any other bo2 map. This map also featured 2 new buildables; the headchopper and the subsurface resonator
This map was mega hyped before launch and was very well received. This map has been crowned the best map ever in the history of zombies! What makes the map good (among the hundreds of other reasons) It featured 4 wunder-weapons which were all equal but different in the same way. These weapons were called elemental staffs and massively improved on buildables from prior maps. The staffs represented; Lightning, Fire, Ice and Wind. These weapons cannot be pack-a-punched but rater upgraded by completing 3 challenges in and out of the crazy place (a place with moving rocks accessed by a gramophone, elemental records and elemental caves which opens a portal in the according cave. Each player can only wield one staff at a time but players can exchange by putting their staff in the pedestal in the main dig site below the Device of Power (Pack-A-Punch) Origins included a new perk machine but no new perks. The machine moves like the mystery box and gives the player a random perk (which can be taken or refused) The machine is called: Der Wunderfiz it has every perk ever except Vulture Aid Elixer which is a buried exclusive. Both the mystery box and Der Wunderfiz can be found at each of the generators (there's 6) all six generators must be slowly powered up by standing on the platform for a given amount of time which depends on the amount of players on the pad. All 6 generators must be on to use the Device of Power. This is also the first map to feature a solo accomplish able Easter egg
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