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No description

Brendan Lunney

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Finance

What is finance?
Money Management
Obtain Rescources
Use of Money
Provides necessary funds required by companies & firms
Features of Finance
Salary and Job Locations
Job and Career Fields
Banking / Investments
Mergers & Acquisitions
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Finance at Smeal
Rogers Family Trading Room
Nittany Lion Fund
The places you can go with a Finance Degree are endless!
Brendan Lunney
Michael Puza
Julia Cheung

Average Starting Salary: $57,300
Average Mid-Career Salary: $87,300
Cities for Jobs with a Finance Major:
Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Houston, TX
Seatle, WA
Richmond, VA
Cities Internationaly:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Frankfurt, Germany
Hong Kong, China
London, England
Tokyo, Japan
Zurich, Switzerland
Financial Planning
Financial Planning
Student-managed Investment Fund
over $7 million in assets
extremely competitive
Real-world connections
superb job opportunities
Jim Cramer
Get involved
Financial Planning
Mergers & Acquisition
When two companies come together to form a new company.
When one company buys a smaller company.
Role as a Finance Major:
Use modeling skills to ensure that the deals are strategic and make financial sense.
Real world trading experience
Smeal one of first to have such a room

Mimics rigors of NYC Stock Exchange
Real-time tickers, stock boards, CNN, CNBC

Functions as a classroom and labratory
54 advanced work stations

Available for students of all education levels
Undergraduate, MBA, Ph.D, executive education

Deal: $130 Billion
The process of raising investment capital from investors for corporations and governments that are issuing equity and debit.
Examples: IPOs or Bank Loans
Role as a Finance Major:
Work with a corporation or government to support their capital needs. Also work with traders and securities salespeople to determine pricing of any securities.
IPO: $50 Billion
31 Underwriters @ 1.1% = $55 million
Morgan Stanley Leader
Origin of Finance
18th Centry "The Management of Money"

Very popular and competitive major
3.5 minimum GPA required
Bachelor's degree at undergrad level offered
Focuses on how businesses raise money

Smeal top employers for finance:
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Goldman Sachs & Company
Ernst & Young

Recommended academic course plan
General Definition
"Finance is the management of money and other valuables, which can be easily converted into cash."
Other Definitions
According to Experts
Provides necessary funds required by companies and firms
According to Entrepreneurs
Concerned with Cash
According to Acedemicians
Finance is the procurement (to get, obtain) of funds and effective (properly planned) utilisation of funds
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Private Equity
Investment Opportunities
Creating physical assets
Business activites
Acquiring financial securities
"Private equity jobs are among the most prestigious positions in all of finance today." (Investopedia.com)
These firms raise the capital necessary to use a levereged buyout to gain control of a company. Then the firm trys to improve the company and either sell it or cash out via an IPO.
Profitable Opportunities
Busineses Goal
Utilize rescources to maximize profit
Optimal Mix of Funds
Owned Funds
Barrowed Funds
Equal mix of both
System of Internal Controls
Organization of Workplace
Sets of Rules
Role as a Finance Major:
As an analyst in private equity you will use fundamental and technical analysis to determine the value of a company. This information has potential to be acted upon.
Future Decision Making
Thinking about future business
Chris Flower
Bought when it was LTCB for $1.1 Billion. Chris Flowers sold IPO and made $1 Billion.

Venture Capital
These firms help provide capital to new companies.
Role as a Finance Major:
Use fundamental and technical analysis to determine if a company is a good investment.
Analysts study the condtions of the markets, a company's fundamentals, and use technical analysis to recommend a course of action on an investment.
Role as a Finance Major:
Financial Planning
Role as a Finance Major:
Duty is to help firms or individuals meet their long term financial goals. Also financial planners will try to maximize a shareholders value.
US Securities & Exchange Commision (SEC)
Created by Congress when they passed the Securities Act of 1933 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
To protect investors, help captial formation, and keep the markets fair.
Bernie Madoff
Stole $20 Billion
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