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Marita's Bargain

No description

Hugo Aguilar

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Marita's Bargain

Counter Argument
Anything Else
Work Cited
This information is important because KIPP Academy is a school that is trying to imply the lessons of the rice paddy like the Japanese and South Korean. "The South Korean school year is 220 days long. The Japanese school year is 243 days long" (Gladwell 260). To this day the Japanese and South Korean beat us in education and if we implied the KIPP Academy to everyone we could be matching or beating the Asian countries in education.
There are many KIPP schools located in the Greater Houston area and The United States.
Marita has to sacrifice her free time in order to do well in school.
"Is it a lot to ask of a child? It is... She has made a bargain with her school. She will get up at five-forty-five in the morning, go in on Saturdays, and do homework until eleven at night" (Gladwell 267)

Gladwell, Malcolm. "Marita's Bargain." Outliers. New York: Back Bay Books, 2008. 250-69. Print.
Gladwell talks about how public education is affecting low class kids in South Bronx. He explains how this experimental public school called KIPP will help low class kids excel in subjects they wouldn't in a normal public school. Many kids in the KIPP program get more hours of homework than the average public school student. In this chapter he gives the example of Marita and how she goes from being a normal public school girl to an excelling KIPP student.
Marita's Bargain
Marita is a 5th grader from South Bronx who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom.
Specialized charter schools like KIPP help increase students math, reading, and writing scores.
The amount of time they're in school helps them retain information and not forget it during the summer.
Main Argument
"An enormous amount of time is spent talking about reducing class size, rewriting curricula, buying every student a shiny new laptop, and increasing school funding--all of which assumes that there is something wrong fundamentally wrong with the job schools are doing" (Gladwell 259).
Significant Quotes
The End
Hugo Aguilar
Emigdio Landaverde

"In the education journals of the day. there were constant worries about overtaxing students or blunting their natural abilities through too much school work" (Gladwell 253).
"Outliers are those who have been given opportunities-and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them" (Gladwell 267).
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