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Speech Anxiety

No description

Karl Kalinkewicz

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Speech Anxiety

Speech Anxiety
85% of people feel uncomfortable
speaking in front of groups
Speech Anxiety is Normal!
Extra Energy From
"Fight or Flight"
What causes speech anxiety?
Viewing Speech
as a Performance
Expectation of Evaluation
People are afraid of looking foolish or stupid
Extra energy can manifest itself as...
What actually happens during the speech?
Sweaty Palms
Increased Heartbeat
Shortness of Breath
Dry Mouth
Increased Blood Pressure
Increased Muscle Tension
all of these decrease as the speech progresses
and energy can be harnessed positively!
Most of your anxiety is not visible!!
The audience is on your side!
we are rooting for you!
The audience will ignore errors if they are interested in the speaker or what the speaker is saying
Preparing for anxiety
Practice and Prepare
Identify the Cause of
Your Nervousness
Choose Topics You Are Interested And Comfortable With
Know Your Audience
And Situation
Set Realistic Expectations
Dealing with anxiety
Reality Testing
What has actually happened in the past?
What is the worst thing that is likely to happen?
How bad would that actually be?
Selective Relaxation
Attitude Adjustments
Cognitive Restructuring
Reality Testing
Selective Relaxation
Learn how to relax your body
Practice relaxation exercises
Attitude Adjustments
Get away from "I/Me-Centered" thinking
What can I give my listeners?
How can I help them understand?
Be excited about sharing your message!
Cognitive Restructuring
Positive messages boost self-confidence
Avoid self-fulfilling prophesies!
Change negative thoughts
Helps build confident delivery skills
Write your own script!
The Day of the Speech
Wear Clothes That You Feel Confident In
Do Not Profess Anxiety
Hide Anxieties
Use Energy To Improve Delivery
Find and Connect to a Friendly Face In The Crowd
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