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Multiyear Presentation

No description

Gareth Measures

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Multiyear Presentation

Team Gore Multiyear Progress So Far

A multitude of work has already
been completed by ourselves.
These include various casts
and clay pieces that are
currently in the casting stages.
This is the area where we are doing our filming.
The main reasons behind using this wall is it looks
like the original concept due to the decay and dirtiness of the dystopian future setting of the original idea.The cg compositions are going to be added behind the wall and it will be of a future city. The casting of the prosthetics is the next major area we are going to be
working on. The Creature and policeman heads need to be full prosthetics, as do the
handcasts for both the creature and policeman. A full chest prosthetic with insides is
currently in the works as well. We will be collaborating working on the filming and editing
of the shots that we need. We will be using final cut pro
for the editing stages of the footage. Heart Sculpt Lung Sculpt Hand Sculpt
(Gareth and Karl) Policeman's face
(Gareth and Jen) Rib Cage
(Ed and Karl) Chest Piece
(Ed, Jen and
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