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Copy of Year 12 Btec Sport Jessica Dawson Macmillan academy

Flexibility Training

Бажена Порошина

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Year 12 Btec Sport Jessica Dawson Macmillan academy

Unit 4 Fitness Testing & Training

P2 produce a training session plan covering cardiovascular training,resistance training,flexibility training and speed training.
M2 produce a deal tailed session plan covering cardiovascular training ,resistance training,flexibility training and speed training.
D2 justify the training session plans covering cardiovascular training,resistance training,flexibility training and speed training.
Flexibility training

what is flexibility?
This is often called suppleness and refers to the range of movement around the joint.
flexibility can help improve body posture

reduce the chances of injury
make performance more effective and more efficient.
Elite Athlete

for example Louis smith is a gymnast who specializes in pommel horse and has competed in many olympics and picked up a gold in this years olympics.
Louis will require a great amount of flexibility
when doing his event as he needs go flexibility in his legs and arms to get into good positions and do outrageous moves that his opponents cant do because their not as flexible as him and they cant move their body in as much positions
as Louis can.
This is a video of Louis competing
My client

My client is an average person who wants to improve their flexibilty.she attends gymnastics every week at club level and wants to proceed to national or international level i am going to design a session plan which i think will help improve her flexibility so her performance will improve.
How Should Stretching Be Done?
1. Static stretching is the most popular and safest method of stretching. Static
stretching involves moving a joint to the extreme of comfortable motion and holding
that position for 10 to 30 seconds or longer. Several repetitions (usually 10) should be
2. Avoid ballistic (bouncing) stretching. Bouncing (as in a bouncing toe-touch exercise
to stretch the hamstrings) has the potential to strain or tear a muscle.
3. Precede stretching with heat. Heat increases muscle elasticity. A warm-up exercise,
such as running in place or pedaling an Exercycle, should be perform
My client is 17 years old and
currently attends a gymnast
club and collage.
example of stretches

Part A

the first part of my session plan is going to be a basic sit and reach test.this tests the flexibility in your lower back and hamstring muscles and involves performing sitting on the floor with legs straight out ahead.feet flat against the box,shoulder width apart and both knees are held flat against the floor.with hands on top of each other palm facing down.the performer reaches forward as far as possible and hold for 3 seconds you have 3 attempts and take your best score each time.
example of how to do the test.
I will have my client do this test 4 times a week each time taking her best score after 3 attempts and keep a record of her results each week so we can analysis them ans see if shes improving.
For a warm up ill have my client doing stretches from head to toe for 5-10 minutes to warm her muscle up stretching her arms and legs and back muscles.
The muscles that are used when doing the sit and reach test are your hamstrings,triceps,bicep.calf muscles back muscles and hip muscles.
these are the stretches i want my client to do before doing the sit and reach test.
Part B
For the second part of my session plan i will have my client doing general stretches each day for at least 20 minutes per day holding each stretch long enough say 20 seconds per stretch.

Flexibility is necessary for normal activities that require bending, twisting, and reaching. Maintaining a "range of motion" allows us to do everyday tasks pain-free.
•Flexibility is increased through careful stretching of the muscles. In addition to making normal activities possible and pain-free, flexible muscles relieve stress, promote good posture, reduce the risk of pain and injury, and allow ease of movement throughout life.
•Good flexibility reduces your risk of low back pain. For many people that alone is a major reason to maintain muscle flexibility.

why flexibility is important?
Improve your posture
3. Lengthen your muscles for a longer leaner look

4. Make playing with your kids and babies easier and less injurious (remember that touch football game during which you overstretched you hamstrings?)
5. Allow you to feel more free, open, calm, content, and confident from the inside out
6. Spread prana (life force) into your cells, which invigorates your spirit
7. Make cardiovascular activity a lot lighter and easier
The session plan i have created for my client i think will help improve her flexibility as she is stretching her body every day so her body will be use to been stretched in various positions also she is stretching all parts of her body which is important in every day life.
some examples of stretches incise you forget
lexibility is good for general lifestyle you need good flexibility when picking up bags or lift bag for collage books ect.you also need flexibility to open doors and the lives or putting your shoes on i think some people don't realize flexibility plays a big part in everyone lif
my clients flexibility will improve overall she will be able to perform more difficult routines as her body is more flexible now and will be able to perform,
hard tricks and sequences.
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