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No description

Jasmine Sanchez

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of THE HOLOCAUST

THE HOLOCAUST Hitler For Chancellor! What is "Holocaust" ? January 30, 1933 "Holocaust", Greek word "holokauston", "Sacrifice by Fire" * March 30, 1933 Dachau opens Model for later Concentration Camps - "School of Violence" 12yr. existence, 200,000 people imprisoned 41,500 people murdered April 1, 1933 Boycott of Jewish-owned businesses September 15, 1935 Deprived Jews rights of Citizenship What is Nuremberg Race Laws? By: Jasmine Sanchez Dachau Concentration Camp Secret between Nazis * Forbidden Jews to marry, have sexual relations or employ Aryans - Aryan: Person with blond hair & blue eyes of Germanic Heritage Laws: - Protection of German Blood & German Honor - Reich Citizenship law - Protection of Genetic Health of the German people Confusion over full Jew, chart made, Jews from Mischlinge & Aryans - Mischlinge: Germans of mixed race White Figures: Aryans
Black Figures: Jews
Shaded Figures: Mischlinge October 8, 1939 4-point plan: - Marking Jews with Yellow Badges - Forcing into slavery - Looting their property - Sealing them in Ghettos What are Ghettos? Jews rounded up, live in Ghettos - Famous Ghetto: Warsaw Ghetto - 335,000 Jews in Warsaw, 1/3 of city population - population rose to 450,000, comprised 2.3% of city area No sanitation, Diseases swept through - 75,000 died of starvation & diseases Jews celebrate holidays, get death sentence Crowded areas Forced Labor Jews forced Labor Main Concentration Camps: - Aushwitz
- Buchenwald
- Dachau
- Treblinka * 23 main camps, 900 sub camps * " Care facilities for foreign children", Pregnant prisoners forced to abortion * 7,000 camps, found 20,000 camps across Europe Death Camps Chelmno first extermination camp - Murder operations, Dec. 8, 1941 - Jan. 1945 Victims undressed, stripped from belongings, tricked into vans - 300,000 Jews murdered
- 5,000 Sinti & Roma murdered
- 3 Jews survived death camp Gas Chambers constructed - 1,700,000 Jews, mostly Poland, murdered Liberation Army liberated Auschwitz American & British liberate camps, Western Germany Horrors discovered, Summer 1944 * Serial Numbers printed on arms Jews blame for economy & culture * 11 million deaths Planned slaughter on Jews
"The Final Solution", murder Jews * Resisted, murdered or forced Labor Deaths
1933 & 1945 - children deaths: 1.5 million - Jews: 6 million
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