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Designing Ear Defenders

No description

Max Abi

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Designing Ear Defenders

DESIGNING EAR DEFENDERS BY MAX AND ABI 8WZ/1A Our headphones will make it easier for the person working as they wont be distracted by the sound from their job and they will be able to go home without damaged ears. This will be extremely useful for builders as their jobs involve using tools which are very loud and could damage their ears. We have come to realise that our headphones will decrease the amount of amplitude that reaches our ears by reflecting it off our ear protectors. This will make it quiet for the person wearing the ear protectors. How does sound get to our ears? How does it work How will the ear defenders work? The ear defenders will work by having all of the sound waves reflected off the outer shell. the outer shell will be 1.5 inches thick so the solid PVC shell will absorb most of the sound. The 0.5 inches of silk will provide comfort on the ears and makes sure that none of sound can come through. The silk at the top of the rim will be comfortable on the skull so the person will be comfortable wearing the defenders. Actual materials we will use: Brainstorming Results Realization Sketches Possible Materials:
Foam (inside)- too much space for all sound waves to be absorbed.
Metal (outside)- too heavy.
Wood (outside) - wears out easily and is a bad conductor of electricity.
Putty (inside)- too uncomfortable
Sound waves travel through air unless they hit a solid object. If the sound waves hit a solid object that is hollow the higher frequencies get absorbed and the deeper ones pass through. and if the object is completely solid then the sound bounces back and you hear an echo. This means that the outer shell soundproof headphones have to be fully solid and the inner part has to absorb the higher frequencies of the sound waves. Please stop when the song ends Rim: Plastic- It holds together well and can be styled easily
Outer Shell: PVC Plastic- Lasts long, it is strong, it is solid, it is easily accessible, you can mold it and it is easy to work on.
Inner lining: Silk- It is very soft on your ears and it is worth your money. Silk is also a bad conductor of heat so they will stay cool.
Center of rim: Polyester- Soft on your skull. The air particles will bounce off of the ear because the ear protector will be on the person so they cant hear the loud sounds and it will sound quiet Sound bounces off the solid object and if in a room, you would hear an echo but because the person wearing the defenders are on the other side
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