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Basecamp Training

This presentation is produced to explain best practices of using Basecamp with Pearson's Creative & Marketing Department

Brooke Anstoetter

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Basecamp Training

Getting Started & Best Practices Welcome to Basecamp Signing In
Learning the Dashboard
Establishing Users Step 1: Your Current Projects Business Unit
Project Name Upcoming Milestones Latest Messages/Files Enter the Basecamp URL Here Sign In Here with Your Personal Username & Password Two Options: Add a new company
add a client or team member under an existing company Step 2 : Create a name for your project
ALWAYS give another company access
Click "Create this project" Create A Project: Screen 1 Listed here are the main functions of Basecamp. Before we venture into this department, make sure you set up the "Project Settings". Create A Project: Screen 2 In the overview page announcement, include:
Job Number
Client Name
Project Manager
Deliverable Date

ALWAYS Check to display on overview page. Create A Project: Screen 3 Basecamp Tools Messages WE DO NOT CURRENTLY USE THIS FUNCTION Archiving Step 4: Contact David at:
David.Maynard@pearson.com QUESTIONS? Messages To-Dos Calendar Writeboards Files Calendar To-Dos Files Writeboards Messages Creating A Project Step 3: To-Dos Calendar Select a date
Enter a Milestone & Assign
Enter an Event Writeboards Time Files Select your file Notify People of Your File Upload New Version of Same File
File Name
File Size
Person who uploaded Search your files by: Click "Archived" Go to "Project Settings" To Retrieve: Select "Your Archived Projects" from the overview page Select your archived project Click "Project Settings" Switch radio dial from "Archived" to "Active" and SAVE
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