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WW1 Summary

World War One Summary Project By: Sahana Kaplian, Kevin Tran, Alvin Lao

Alvin Lao

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of WW1 Summary

World War 1 Also known as the Countries formed to protect their national interests PUBLIC'S REACTION ... but when the reached home,
people became less thrilled by the idea of war TRENCH WARFARE A where trenches
are dug to give soldiers cover. The introduction of made the area between two fronts no man's land. Because neither side could advance without suffering
major casualties, a occurred in the Western Front Anyone advancing across would be easily shot down by machine guns. SCHLIEFFEN PLAN Fig. 1.1 Schlieffen Plan The German Army Chief of Staff, , created this plan to prevent a two front war with France and Russia. The plan called for 90% of the German army to quickly attack and eliminate France, which would then allow them to concentrate on Russia. However, when German troops started marching through Belgium, Britain immediately responded by sending forces to protect France. The Schlieffen Plan , resulting in a long drawn out stalemate in the Western Front. WAR AT SEA Fig. 2.1 H.M.S. Dreadnought The struggle at sea was mostly between the British and Germans. German U-boats traveled in to hunt down British supply ships in the Atlantic. Britain's reliance on it's imports to support the war effort forced all supply ships to be escorted by . Fig. 3.1 New Technology World War 1 encouraged the of war technology. Many new weapons were first introduced in WW1, like the machine gun, chlorine gas, airplanes, and tanks. Fig. 3.2 Machine Gun The firepower of machine guns were highly underestimated at the beginning of the war, leading to when soldiers were ordered to charge across the field. It proved to be a vital defensive weapon in trench warfare. Nov 11, 1918 CAUSES WORLD WAR 1 LONG TERM CAUSES SHORT TERM CAUSES Austria-Hungary Russia Britain Germany Triple Entente Triple Alliance France Italy A was occuring between Britain and Germany. Britain didn't like Germany threathening their naval superiority Britain and Germany RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN NATIONS TECHNOLOGY OF WAR GENERAL OVERVIEW OF MAJOR EVENTS June 28, 1914
Assasination of Franz Ferdinand July 28, 1914
Austria-Hungary Declares war on Serbia Aug 1, 1914
Germany declares war on Russia Aug 3, 1914
Germany declares war on France Aug 4, 1914
Britain declares war on Germany May 7, 1915
Lusitania sunk by U-Boats
American outrage May 23, 1915
Second Battle of Ypres
Chlorine gas used for the first time July 1 - Nov, 1915
Battle of Somme
Debut of tanks July 31 - Nov 6 1917
Battle of Passchendaele
Major casualties for a small gain in territory April 6, 1917
USA declares war on Germany Nov 11, 1918
Armistice signed
War comes to an end As the war progressed, into the war cancelled out Germany's advantage of . The British naval blockage continued to starve Germany of food and supplies. The Austria-Hungary empire started to crumble, forcing the Alliance to make one . The enourmous losses suffered by Germany and Austria made fighting no longer viable.

On , an armistice was signed ending the war. At the Paris Peace Conference, the Treaty of Versailles was agreed on, forcing Germany to accept the sole responsibility of starting World War One. NEARING THE END alliances naval arms race Alfred von Schlieffen did not succeed defensive strategy machine gun nests no man's land stalemate wolf packs convoys rapid development massive casualties America's entry Russia ceasefiring final push November 11, 1918 Great War Franco- France seeked revenge after losing Alsace to Germany in the France and Germany Prussian War. Austria-Hungary wanted to undermine Serbia's independence and show it is still a great empire Austria-Hungary and Serbia By: Sahana Kapilan, Alvin Lao, Kevin Tran OF The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by the . Black Hand A Serbian nationalist terrorist group trying to free from Austrian-Hungarian rule. Bosnia MILITARISM Military interests dominate all other political interests NATIONALISM Strong feelings of patriotism for one's country, culture, or ethnic group IMPERIALISM Extending rule of one country to others ALLIANCES Agreements made between countries
to protect each other if one is attacked AWFUL GOVERNMENT Most countries had unstable governments People thought war would be and ... glamorous romantic death tolls BLACK HAND PROPAGANDA POSTERS
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