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Jesse Owens!!

No description

M2K Kids

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Jesse Owens!!

Jesse Owens!!
Interesting facts!!
Jesse Owens worked at a shoe markers shop. he also watered plants at a green house. the lastjob he worked was a grocery store delivery boy.he also was a competator in the 1936 olympic games.
Family members!!
His wife's name was Minnie. He had three daughters. their daughters names were Gloria, Marline, and Beverly. Also he was the youngest of ten children.
He went to Fairmount junior high school. He went to East technical high school. he also went to Ohio State University.
Date and place of birth!!
He was born on September 12 1913 in Oakville Alabama!!
Early life!!
The early life of Jesse Owens is when he was a kid he oftenly caught a cold. when he was six years old he was strong enough to join his brothers and sisters on a nine mile walk to school.
Adult life.
he became a radio entertainer in 1937. in 1938 he opened his own dry clning buisness. in 1943 he was hired at a ford company. in 1953 he was appointed secratery of Illinois state athelete commision.
he brokeworld records and metals in track and field. He was known as the buckeye bullet when he was at Ohio State University. He also got married when he was fifthteen. he is burried in Oakville semitary in chicago Illinois.
Contributions in life!!
He led the way for African Americans to find an interest in running track he taught people to look beyond race.
Death date place and cause and age of death.
Jesse Owens lived up until the age of sixty five. they had discovered he had lung cancer. He died on March 31st 1980 at the hospital in Tucson Arizona.
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