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No description

Quinton Bekish

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Neodymium

Neodymium by Quinton Bekish
Atomic number=60
Mass number=144.24
Period number=6
Family number=3
Neodymium is solid at room temperature. Also Neodymium is a metal

History of Neodyium
Five facts
1.Neodymium is the strongest permanent magnets in the world
2.Can power cars using its magnet
3.Causes phones to vibrate
4.Create sound for phones
5.Is a silvery-white metal
Five uses

Uses of Neodymium:
1. To create powerful permanent magnets
2.To create purple glass
3. To create cigarette lighters
4. To create goggles
5. To create a YAG laser

Carl Auer Von Welsbach discovered Neodymium in 1885.
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