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No description

Joanne HF

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of BELLO!

Valentine's Promotion
Self-Developed Ad:
M.A.C Title: BELLO 'BELLO' - beautiful in Italian Selling Price: $3.00 incl. gst Target Readers: Aged 18 to 30 Magazine Type: Fashion & Female Filler (Diva Accessories) Women Love to Accessorize Themselves
To bring out their "style" Self-developed Ad:
Fred Perry Amy Winehouse Specially for Women (limited ed) Actual Ad from Source:
Liese Designing Jelly More women are interested in hair styling product to look good! Actual Ad from
Alluring Eyes Fred Perry's Products aren't that Pricey!
Features Limited Ed for Females in Sweet Pink
Uprising trend in females purchasing from Fred Perry Trend: Wearing circle lens to
enhance your appearances Filler:
Bello's Monthly Giveaway Why Liese? 3 DKNY Watches featured in one of the articles in the magazine Attractive Colors & Designs Targeting on Women! Field Observation article Filler: COMPLETE YOUR LOOK (Watch Edition) Featured shop at FEP Filler:
Monthly Horoscope (February Issue) Trend guide:
Accesories your wrists with different watches for different occasions

Focus shop of the article:
Toilette Boutique Horoscope is A MUST! Brands:
Moschino Observe
shop layout,
items sold & Price. 2 other articles featured Discussion
on items &
price Self-Developed:
OPI Cracking Nail Polish Shop names:
Designer's Club &
The little flower at the
end of the rainbow Occasions:
Weekend Date
Office Self Developed Ad:
Polaroid Filler: COMPLETE YOUR LOOK (Watch Edition) Filler: Valentine's Special (Watch Edition) The "IN" Thing to Apply on Women's Nails Features happy emotions &
friendship as stimuli Self Developed ad:
Beauty Diary Mask Valentine's special edition watches Actual Ad from Source:
TopShop Cosmetics & Nails Facial mask that
targets female audiences informative ad that educates audiences on the different kinds and benefits of masks. Women love their clothing
Especially the younger ones! New line of Product: Cosmetics & Nail Polish Filler:
Taylor swift
Interview Self Developed Ad:
HP Mini 210 Series Actual Ad from Source:
Canmake Blusher Interview on Taylor Swift's
latest album and on her love life Affordable brand with good quality & fanciful packaging! Photoshoot of
Taylor Swift Another photoshoot Women love cheap & good stuff Cont. Interview on love, mom & life Focus on specifications of products
Provides contact information which prompts consumers to take action Minimalistic Design & Wordings Uses feminine colours: PINK Actual Ad from Source: Biotherm Aquasource serves as a reminder to its audience of its wonderful and comprehensive colour shadings suited for every skin colour and outfit Women loves skincare,
They make their skin flawless! Most Suitable Age Range: 19 to 25 Actual Ad from Source:
Juicy Couture Usually fantasy designs
Uses bright colors to attract (which majority of females like) Filler: Greatest DEALS Ever! Women love cheap deals,
and can never resist the temptations! They will love to read this! Filler: Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Range Suitable for age 17 to 35 Self Developed Ad:
Dr. Martens Packaging appeals to women! Target Audience: Trendsetters Attached sachets to try out! Self developed ad:
Maybelline Angelina Jolie:
Aspirational reference group Readers Comments on Previous issues Subscription details Online comment details What to expect from this issue A-Z List Contents Page Editor's Note comments on magazine presenting What's in Contents Fashion Beauty Fun Best location to purchase products featured in magazine Interviews with consumers Interviews with consumers Behaviour:
They are celebrating Valentine's Day! Cognitive Cognitive Affective:
They like Valentine's Day! Why BELLO? Filler: Valentine's Day Recipe Filler: Valentine's Day Recipe Couples are able to
dine at home! Food items are
V.Day related Filler: Valentine's Day Recipe WOMEN LOVE SHOPPING No time Work Dating Plans for Shoppers! Friends & Family Entering the Market Marketing Strategies Future Plans Competitve Advantages Gifts for him Valentine Look That Perfect Eyes Fillers Yogurts Fillers Valentine Look Beauty Care for eyes Filler Fillers Events for the month Once every week (: Kiwi Insole AD Self-developed FIller Dating Quiz Back Cover Article: secondary research findings on consumer behaviours Different types of Spa
For consumers with different purposes Females usually like to
cook or bake something
for their loved ones Valentine's deals On the Valentine's Month!
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