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Inside The Outsiders

No description

Erin Wynn

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Inside The Outsiders

The Outsiders

by S.E. Hinton
mid 1960s in
Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Beatles!
"The Locomotion!"
(Little Eva 1962)
"I Wanna Hold
Your Hand" (1963)
"Jailhouse Rock"
The Motown sound...
Drive in movies
Drive in

S.E. Hinton
She chose to use only her first and middle initials (S. E.) for her "pen name" when it came time to publish her first novel because of concerns that boys wouldn’t read her book if they knew a girl had written it.
Susan Eloise Hinton began The Outsiders while she was a freshman in high school and based the story on the rivalry between the two main groups at her school. namely the rivalry between two groups in her high school, the "greasers" and the affluent "socs" (pronounced "soshes" for Socials).
"I felt the greasers were getting knocked when they didn't deserve it," Hinton told an interviewer for Seventeen shortly after publication of her novel. "The custom for instance, of driving by a shabby boy and screaming 'Greaser!' at him always made me boil. But it was the cold-blooded beating of a friend of mine that gave me the idea of writing a book."
Her father was battling cancer, and beginning The Outsiders was a way of coping with her father's illness. Hinton worked through four drafts before she was happy with it. While she had not considered publication, the mother of one of her school friends read the manuscript and immediately saw commercial possibilities for the book. The woman, a writer herself, urged Hinton to get in touch with her own New York agent. The book was published by the time she was seventeen, and Hinton still has the same agent today.
by the Greasers)
by the Socs)
The "greasers" were generally
the kids from the poorer side
of town.
They had a reputation
for being rougher, tougher.
They slicked back their hair
with hair grease, which is where
their nickname comes from.
This greaser hairstyle
was called a "ducktail."
"Socs" were the kids
from the rich side of town.
"Socs" is short for "Socials"
because these kids spent a lot
of time at country club parties.
The Socs were "clean cut" kids,
known for their preppy, expensive
The Greasers and Socs had a huge
rivalry in Tulsa in the 1960s. Socs
made a sport of picking on Greasers,
and Greasers had no problem fighting
What was it like
to be a teenager in
Tulsa in the 1960s?
Both groups
listened to

c'mon, it's
"My girl"

(The Temptations 1965.
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