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The Tree of Life: Meaning and Relationship in Fahrenheit 451

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Carly Cruz

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of The Tree of Life: Meaning and Relationship in Fahrenheit 451

The Tree of Life: Meaning and Relationship in Fahrenheit 451
What is the Tree of Life?
*religious symbol that originated in the bible
*magical tree that bares fruit every month
*leaves are for the "healing of the nations"
*known to grant eternal life
*located near a river
*used as a motif, a symbol that is used throughout a novel
Why is the Tree of Life used as an allusion in various novels? What does it mean?
*authors want their material to be more interesting and "hook" the reader
*symbolizes/means wisdom, protection, strength, beauty, or redemption
*authors use the tree at end of the novel to show that the "hero" or main character has overcome a variety of obstacles
*creates a theme

What is the overall connection and link between the Tree of Life and Fahrenheit 451?
*Montag gains FREEDOM at the end of the novel
*the Tree of Life allusion is presented after the city collapses
*redemption = freedom from struggles
*Montag overcomes many obstacles
*Montag finds a river in the novel
*the "curse" that is broken by the tree's fruit in the bible = Montag's questions
*Montag is free to live a new, happier life
*less themes could be determined
*we wouldn't know why a river was presented in the novel
*we wouldn't be able to feel Montag's sense of relief and freedom at the end of the novel
*we wouldn't know if Montag overcame his obstacles (losing his wife, burning his house, losing his job, etc.)
*we wouldn't be able to hypothesize what happened to Montag after the city collapsed
Conclusion and the main points of the presentation
by: Carly Cruz
How would the meaning of the novel change without the Tree of Life allusion? Why is it essential in the novel?
*symbolizes redemption
*Montag is free to live his life without anymore struggles
*essential so that the theme can be determined
*reader is more interested in reading the novel
*we find out why Montag imagines his "dream life" when he is in the river
The Tree of Life allusion (pg. 158)
And on either side of the river there stood a tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month; And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
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