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Is Football Too Dangerous?

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cassidy kuester

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Is Football Too Dangerous?

Is Football Too Dangerous? Did you know that football is ranked the highest sport that has serious brain injuries? High school football players have 43,000 to 67,000 concussions per year and rising according to the Time magazine article, “The Problem with Football: How to Make it Safer” by Sean Gregory. Many football players can get a serious condition called (CTE) Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The symptoms are paranoia, memory loss, and depression. Over a lifetime of playing football, players take multiple hits to the head, and according to Gregory’s article, the brain is protected by the cranium, however the brain is not made for the hard contact of football. A study done by the NFL (National Football League) found that retired players over the age of 50 were five times as likely as the national population to get a brain related illness, which can lead to dementia. According to the definition of dementia, it causes changes in the brain and people with this illness ask the same questions over and over, get lost easily and neglect their personal hygiene. Also football is dangerous because players can get concussions and break bones. The impact of bumping into each other is extremely dangerous to a player’s health. Concussions have symptoms of vomiting, headaches, vertigo and other severe symptoms. When a player gets a concussion he cannot play for awhile, which hurts the team. While playing football it’s also likely for player to break a bone or even become paralyzed. Football could alter someone’s life forever. Some people think that football isn’t that dangerous. They believe that the rewards are worth the risk. The NFL owners, players and others that are involved in the game make tens of billions of dollars. The average (short career) player makes $1.1 million dollars a year according to the article, George Will: Dangers of Football Cant Be Fixed by George Stephanopoulos. The entertainment of the sport is one of America’s most profitable forms of mass entertainment. The annual Super Bowl is now in the third year of being the most watched televised broadcast in American history. I think men are raised to enjoy this type of “gladiatorial action” without realizing just how dangerous it is. This sport makes a lot of money. It also creates jobs for many people. These are all true facts about football however; life is more precious than money, fame and entertainment. For example, many players are injured so severely that they get extremely depressed, have strong drug addictions, such as using pain killers and cocaine. A former retired NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneer player named Tom McHale had a severe drug addition and eventually died of an overdose. He left three sons behind. He had CTE. Many players have committed suicide, their have been 12 suicides in 25 years in the NFL. Tiaina Baul “Junior” Sean Jr. committed suicide on May 2, 2012. He was a linebacker for teams like the Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots. He shot himself in the chest, leaving his brain intact. Many people think he was leaving a message that he wanted his brain to be tested. The question is did he commit suicide because of the multiple concussions he suffered over his career as a football player? I think so. For these reasons I think football is too hazardous to player’s health and the NFL should work to make it safer. They could begin by rethinking the rules of the game, change youth football to flag football only, improve the equipment and the way players are trained. Most importantly the media needs to change the attitudes and beliefs of people and to make them realize the dangers of this sport. Football is not everything and the media needs to stop highlighting when the players are colliding into one another. I believe that laws need to be changed. Their should be a warning label like there is with cigarettes since it is extremely dangeourous for your health, even though people do it anyways.
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