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Roberto clemente

No description

GV Computer

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Roberto clemente

Fact 5
He played 18 seasons with the pirates as a right fielder.
Fact 2
He was born in Puerto Rico off the coast of San Juan
Fact 3
He is in the hall of fame
Fact 1
He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates
Fact 4
Roberto clemente
Fact 6
He won the world series MVP award in 1971
Robeto clemente has a wall named after him
Fact 7
He tragically died in a plane crash on Dec. 31 1972
Fact 8
He was in the U.S Marine corps.
Fact 9
He has his own statue out side of PNC park
Fact 10
He is a 15x all star and 2x world series champion
Fact 11
His number #21 was retired by the pirates 1973
Fact 12
He is 5''11'' weighs 175 lb and bats right handed and throws right
Fact 13
Julio C. Vizarrondo Carolina, Puerto Rico
Fact 14
He was inducted in the hall of fame in 1973
Fact 15
He hit his 3000th hit against the new york mets
Fact 16
when roberto clemente died the Pittsburgh Pirates dedicated his number to the top of the baseball field
Fact 17
He was still being bullyied by white people just like Jackie robinson
Fact 18
He is the first african american player for the pirates to be retired and in the hall of fame
Fact 19
He is one of the best african american baseball player that ever lived
Fact 20
He is one of the best player the Pittsburgh pirates ever had in pirates history
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