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Deciding on a university

No description

K Nud

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Deciding on a university

Deciding on a university
What do I need to get in?
As a UNC system school we require:
4 units of math (Algebra 1, Algebra II, geometry, and one unit of advanced math beyond Algebra II)
3 units of Science (biology, a physical science and a lab science)
4 units of English
2 units of history/social studies (including US history)
2 units of the same foreign language

Our average GPA is a weighted 3.5
Our average old SAT score is a 960 (critical reading and math)
Our average new SAT score is a 1030 total
Our average ACT score is a 21 composite

What is the timeline?
UNCP has rolling admissions - no early action or regular spring deadline

We recommend the earlier the better

After an offer, you get to decide if you want to accept it. Upon that decision you have tasks to complete:
housing reservations
deposits to make
orientation to schedule
FAFSA paperwork
Belk Hall
Pine Hall
Traditional style floor plan
How can you see it for yourself?
Does it have what you want to study?
UNC Pembroke has 41 majors

Our top three programs are
1. Education
2. Business
3. Sciences (including health sciences, eg. nursing)
What is Orientation?
What is there to do?
We have over 100 clubs and organizations for students ranging from honor societies to choirs to debate teams to Greek life

We are a D2 school with football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, and so on

You can play intramural sports

Trips to ziplining or white water rafting

Broadway plays, concerts, movie nights
Where would I live?
UNC Pembroke has five residence halls
two traditional style with communal bathrooms
three suite-style

We have two sets of on-campus apartments; however, those are typically for upperclassmen

What kind of university do you want?
Large? Small? What kind of class environment do you want? What kind of student life do you want?

UNC Pembroke has 6,200 students
Our average class size is 20
We don't even have a 'lecture hall', our biggest classroom might hold 65 people
How much does all of this cost?
Come for a campus tour!
Come to an Open House!
Nov 19, Feb 11, April 8
Suite style floor plans
Courtyard Apartments
Orientation is an overnight event to introduce you to life at UNCP.
You stay in Pine Hall for a one night
Eat on campus
Start to learn your way around
Meet other freshmen students
Participate in fun activities to meet people
Register for your classes
Learn about all the services and programming we have for our students
You leave super excited to come back in August to begin!
Tuition is approximately $16,610 per year
Tuition for classes
Student fees
Housing and meal plan
Health insurance
Does not include: parking pass, books

Financial Aid opportunities: FAFSA (federal aid), merit scholarships, private scholarships and grants, on-campus employment, fellowships

Foam party
Miss UNCP Pageant
SGA Induction
Laser Tag
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