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Prostitution Life during the Great Depression

No description

Maggothair .

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Prostitution Life during the Great Depression

Prostitution during the Great Depression Prostitution work wasn't very hard. Prostitutes before the Depression could make about 8 dollars an hour, compared to whatever job they had before. Which usually had less pay. It came with many pluses, such as: 1. Less work, more relaxing
2. More fun than actually doing work
3. 3 times as much pay, with 3 times as less work Prostitutes were not so bad to tell the truth. They checked men for diseases and disinfected them
and could deny any man they didn't want to serve. The Great Depression brought: Around 2,000 prostitutes in every major city, when before was around 300 max It also made prostitution more commonly found in hotels and such. Prostitution then became: Women trying to help pay for their family and bills When before it was: Lazy women looking for more money So they were pretty clean and could stay clean for years. 2 Classes of prostitution, Chain prostitution and independent prostitution. More women of the Depression went into independent prostitution - you find men yourself and keep all the money. (less clean, more diseases, much harder, our everyday idea of a prostitute) And little women went into Chain prostitution- Men come to the hooker house, money goes to higher authority, diseases are less common and you get a regular disease checkup. (more clean, easier, fun to hang with other women in the house) SOURCES:
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