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CER for NUR 212

No description

Korrie Blanchard Smith

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of CER for NUR 212

Thank You!
College Central Network
NUR 212-Job Search Preparation
Career & Employment Resources

Understand what services
Career & Employment Resources
offers to students
Understand job applications + networking
Develop understanding and outline of an elevator speech.
Who we are:
Career & Employment Resources

Korrie Blanchard Smith
HS2 347
How can we help with your job search portfolio?
Job Search Portfolio Requirements:

Cover Letter
Elevator Speech
Thank you note

Cover Letter

Specifically requested by employer

Replaced by email

Rarely mailed

Follow basic format:

Specific position for which you are applying.
How are you qualified/Why are you interested?
Thank you and follow up.
If sending as email, do not include physical addresses.
- a marketing tool not a written history!
Must be:
ALWAYS: Proofread your resume and have others proofread it as well!
What should be included in your resume:
Not included on your resume
Separate document
3-5 references
Professional--not personal
Avoid religious & political references
Include: Name, contact information & context of relationship
Sara Smith, Pharmacist & supervisor at Walgreens
919-999-9999, sara.smith@walgreens.com

Online Career Portfolio Components:
Personal Statement
Professional Objective
Cover Letter
Accountability Part C CEU Certificate

Let's visit CCN and learn to make your own!


You will need your student ID #
and Wake Tech email address to register.
Thank you note:
Short and Sweet!
No more than 1 minute to read
150 words or less
Send to hiring manager and others on your interview panel.
Email is fine.
Clear up questions/concerns.
Address any issues concerns that came up in your interview.
Simple closure.
"I look forward to speaking with you again soon.
Put it all together...
How does this get me a job?
1) Prepare your applications in EARLY!
for December grads
Be ready after Summer Break!
for May grads
Be ready after Christmas Break!

2) Networking!
Build relationships in clinicals.
Contact HR/personal contacts when your application has been submitted.
Create a linked in account.
Future Assistance
from CER

All services
available to alumni!

Online interview training via Big Interview

Mock interview practice

Social Networking + LinkedIn

Further resume assistance

Thank you!
Contact for Assistance!

Korrie Blanchard Smith

Health Science Campus: HS2 347
Main Campus: HO 150

Additional Resources: careers.waketech.edu

Before you begin,

Know what you're selling:
1) What are your key strengths?
2) What adjectives come to mind to describe you?
3) What is it you are trying to "sell" or let other know about you?
4) Why are you interested in the company or industry?

Know who you are selling to:
1) What's in it for them?
Outline your key points

1) Who am I?

2) What do I offer?

3) What problem is solved (can I solve)?

4) What are the main contributions I can make?

5) What should the listener do as a result of hearing this?
How to close:
Pose a question.

Avoid crickets.

Know when to stop talking!

Elevator Speech
30 second introduction


not annoying

Special Training!

Weds, Feb 15th
3:00-4:00 PM
HS2 152

Disability Awareness Professional Development

Supporting Mental Illness
Links I think you should visit!

-- to practice interviews with recordings!

-- to schedule an appointment with me
(for days that are full blocked, I might be
on SWC)

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