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Duyen La

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Accounting

in Canada What is a
certified general accountant? How can you
become a CGA? Education for
a CA Required experience
of a CA. Annual salaries
of CAs. A CGA is an accounting professional with expertise in :
- Finance.
- Taxation.
- Business strategy.
- Auditing.
- Management and business leadership. The complete academic program consists of:
19 courses.
Two business cases.
Professional qualification exams.
They spread over several levels:
- Levels 1 to 3 (Foundation Studies).
- Level 4 (Advanced Studies).
- Final level, the PACE qualification or
certification level - Obtain a university degree.
- Many highly successful CAs have Bachelor degrees in arts, science, engineering and other disciplines.
- Complete a student professional program or the equivalent. Must gain work experience in a CA Training Office under the supervision of experienced CAs
in 3 years. - Average: $113,140
- High: $168,000
(2012) Certified General Accounting

Certified Management

Charter Accountant CGAs work throughout the world in:
- Industry.
- Commerce.
- Finance.
- Government.
- Public practice.
- The not-for-profit sector. The working environment for a CGA. - CGAs must meet the education, experience and examination requirements established, and regularly enhanced.

- CGA professional education program is competency-based which requires candidates to perform tasks and roles to standards expected in the workplace. Education for a CGA - The knowledge, skills and professional values required of a CGA are reflected in a list of competencies, that extend over three areas: professionalism, leadership and professional knowledge.

- It is quite hard requirements, but it is easy to understand because this career
is at higher level than a normal
accountant. Education
for a CGA How long will it take
to be a CGA? - Students normally require 36 months of
supervised work experience, but in all cases
they require a minimum of 24 months.

- Before issuing audit opinions a CGA must first
be licensed as a public accountant.
The requirements for licensing include AT LEAST 500 public accounting hours per year. How long will it take
to be a CGA? A CGA must have an undergraduate degree Certified General Accountants (CGAs) are trained in the full range of accounting practices. Some of the work they do includes:
- Providing key insights into financial statements and reports.
- Participating in business acquisitions.
- Developing tax strategies.
- Performing financial analysis and forecasts.
- Implementing accounting systems.
- Overseeing internal accounting processes. What type of work does a CGA do? The average annual salary is approximately $100,514. The average value of tax benefits is approximately $8,989 with an average bonus value of $8,896.
The CGA's salary is depended on:
- Company size. - Position.
- Age. - Industry.
- Geographic location. - Experience.
- Employment status. - Workplace sector.
- Education. - Experience in Industry.
- Chapter.
- Gender. The average salary
for a CGA - On average, CGAs work for 41.9 hour per week.
- 45% of CGAs work less than 40 hours per week.
- 46% of CGAs work between 40 to 49 hours per week.
- 19% work 50 or more hours a week Work hour 1.http://www.cga-ontario.org/assets/file/salarysurvey_members10.pdf
6.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certified_General_Accountant Bibliography CMA is an advanced professional certification on subject matter includes strategy, management accounting, corporate finance, operations management, internal control, financial accounting, statistics and economics, with an emphasis on ethics. Certified Management
Accountant (CMA) 7. http://www.imanet.org/cma_certification.aspx
8.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certified_Management_Accountants_of_Canada Step 1: Complete a university degree (or equivalent).
Step 2: Complete CMA's required topics in accounting and business. This can be done either at a post-secondary institution or through CMA.
Step 3: Demonstrate your knowledge of the required topics by way of an entrance exam or a CMA-accredited university program.
Step 4: Complete your CMA professional studies. There are different options available to complete your CMA. For example, you can take the program on its own or as part of a Combined MBA/CMA Program. How to become a CMA? 9. http://www.cma-manitoba.com/index.cfm?ci_id=4983&la_id=1 How long will it take
to be a CMA? - Depending on which professional program you enroll in, it can take one to two years.
- Most candidates enter the Strategic Leadership Program, which takes two years to complete. 10. http://www.cma-alberta.com/index.cfm/ci_id/15849/la_id/1.htm What type of work does a CMA do? A CMA will provide three necessary services for the business – accounting, management and advice on strategies. There are six functions associated with management accounting:
Financial reporting
Strategic management
Risk Management and Governance
Performance Management
Performance Measurement
Financial Resource Management - A CMA Accounting Professional can earn an annual salary of $131 395.
- On average, a CMA can earn nearly $22 000 higher annual compensation. Salary for a CMA 11. http://www.accountingcrossing.com/article/400160/What-Does-a-Certified-Management-Accountant-Do/ 12.http://www.imanet.org/cma_certification/become_a_cma/value_of_the_cma.aspx Chartered Accountants work in all fields of business and finance, including:
- Audit.
- Taxation.
- Financial
- General management. What is a Chartered Accountant? - They facilitate special interest groups which lead professional thinking in their fields.

- They provide support to members by offering advisory services, technical helplines and technical libraries.

- They also offer opportunities for professional networking and career and business development. Encouragement from CAs 14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chartered_Accountant Bibliography 13. http://www.charteredaccountants.com.au/Chartered-Accountants/What-is-a-Chartered-Accountant/What-makes-a-Chartered-Accountant-different What makes CA different? Superior analytical thinking

Ability to solve complex problems

Highly developed communication and technical skills

Dedication to completing work to the highest standard

Commitment to self-improvement and development

Ambition to achieve the best for their clients

Membership to a global collective of bright minds at the
pinnacle of their profession. 15. http://www.charteredaccountants.com.au/Chartered-Accountants/What-is-a-Chartered-Accountant/What-makes-a-Chartered-Accountant-different 16. http://www.cica.ca/becoming-a-ca/how-to-become-a-ca/index.aspx 17. http://www.thestar.com/business/money911/article/124850--cashing-in-on-the-accounting-boom
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