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KayKay Wizard215

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of our FRANCE VS CANADA

France-major imports and exports:
-natral gas
-oil France-land size:
549,190 km Canada- provinces:
13 France-provinces:
20 France-total GDP per capital:
$2,580-2012 Canada-total GDP per capital:
$44,100 France-type of money:
Euros Canada-type of money:
canadian dollors Canada-major imports and exports:
-cars/car parts
-maple syrup
-gold and fishing France v.s Canada Canada-land size
9,984,670 km France-land form regions:
Plains,Pyrenees,Foothills and Rhone river Canada-land form regions:
St.lawrence river and Sheld France-life expectancy:
73-79 years Canada- life expectancy:
81 years France-leader of government:
Francois Hollande Canada-leader of government:
Steven Harpper France-name of capital city: Paris Canada-name of capital city:Ottawa and Ontario! France-total population:
65,436,552 Canada-total population: 34.4 million France-major languages spoken:
English and French!!! Canada-major languages spoken
French and English France-food
Food-snails,fresh fish,cheese,hearty soup,stew and more!!! Canada-food:
Food- beaver tails,poutian and lots more!!!!!!! France-major religions:
54% Christians
31% say they are not Christians Canada-major religions:
77%Christians France-other interesting fact:82 million people travel to France for the holidays also its the city of
LOVE!!!!! Canada-other interesting facts: second largest country did you know 90% of canadains live near the border? Thanks For watching!!!!! By: Kayla and Oteria Here is a french song:
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