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No description

kendyl bachelor

on 28 April 2010

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Previous publicly educated students improved
Flexible curriculum gave teachers more freedom
Mild discipline enables students to act more freely
-Increases chaos and teachers are easily
-Lack of continuity interrupts students' learning
Students learned to hold each other accountable Twice gifted
Universal design
Flexible curriculum
No homework
Recess before lunch
Innovative and creative
De-emphasis on discipline
Charter schools must adhere to some district guidelines
Funded by tax dollars, but differently mandated
Permitted to bypass certain district standards
Performance oriented and ‘models of change’
(NCREL, 1993) Most important time to intervene is in Elementary school
What is Autism
What is Depression
Language barrier is a bigger deal at University Hill
(Kelly, 2000) (Rice, 2009) (Benony, 2007)
Public school with ELL program
Majority american citizens
85% economically disadvantaged
35% of students behind in math
47% behind in reading
(Pew Hispanic Center, 2007) (Murphy, 2009) University Hill’s structure limits growth
Westgate less discipline and structure
Schools should adopt practices of other
-Observations vs. teacher report
Regimented curriculum without much independent work
Competitiveness hinders community but drives improvement
Language barrier
Self-confidence issues
Teaching styles vs learning styles
Discipline enforced and generally respected Districts governed by elected school boards
Funded by the state on a per-student basis
Curriculum and standards directly determined by district
Some schools are given special mandates on their programs
(CDE, 2010)

Common goal
Schools should adopt practices of other
-Westgate: University Hill’s Discipline
-University Hill: Westgate’s flexible
education method
Both face limitations in ability to change
-Charter Laws
-District Policy Thesis:
We found that while both schools seem to meet their organizational objectives, both need to incorporate the positive elements of the other organization in order to create more successful programs. Bénony, H., van der Elst, D., Chahraoui, K., Marnier, J.P. (2007). Link between depression and academic self-esteem in gifted children. L’Encephale.
Colorado Department of Education. (2010). Definition of a Colorado Public School. Denver : CDE .
Garrett, J. N., Kelley, M.R. (2000). Early childhood special education. Childhood Education.
Farrell, P. (2003). Special education in the last twenty years: have things really got better? British Journal of Special Education.
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. (1993). Charter Schools:A New Breed of Public Schools. Naperville, Illinois: NCREL.
Pew Hispanic Center. How Far Behind in Math and Ready Are English Language Learners? (6 June 2007). Retrieved from http://pewhispanic.org/reports/report.php?ReportID=76.
Rice, C. (2009). Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
University Hill Elementary School. (2007, Fall). Dual Language Program Description. Retrieved April 19, 2010, from University Hill Elementary School Home Page: http://bvsd.org/schools/unihill/english/program/Pages/default.aspx
Westgate (2009). Westgate Community School Home Page. http://www.westgateschool.org/Home_Page.html. Derek Kessinger Julie Traylor Emily Stading Megan Novak Elizabeth Bloemen Kendyl Bachelor Forrest S. Reilly O'BRIEN Cassie Collins's
van Lanschot
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